Bongga to Kilig Filipino-coined words in the latest edition of Oxford English Dictionary

Filipino Coined Words Oxford Disctionary
The June update on the Third Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary adds new Philippine English words, senses, and subentries. Credits to OED

A new set of Filipino-coined words are included among the 1,400 new words, senses, and subentries that have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary’s (OED) June update.

The new quarterly update on the Third Edition of the OED includes Pinoy terms such as the popular shaved ice dessert “halo-halo” and the Philippines’ touted new heroes, the “OFW”.

OED, one of the largest and longest-running language research projects in the world, has consistently included a large number of Philippine English words from its first edition up to its latest.

The Philippine Embassy in London, led by Ambassador to the United Kingdom Antonio Lagdameo, conducted a signing and turnover ceremony of the latest edition of OED on June 14 at the newly inaugurated Sentro Rizal London.

“Filipinos have enriched the English vocabulary since the language was first introduced to the country on a wide scale at the turn of the 19th century. Since then, Filipinos have not only contributed new words but have also expanded the meanings of existing ones,” said Ambassador Lagdameo at the London ceremony.

World English Editor Dr. Danica Salazar talked about the more recent Philippine additions and shared that, “The dictionary is committed to making space for words from the Philippines, as by doing so, we recognize how its Filipino speakers contribute to the richness and diversity of English.”

Here are some of the latest additions of Filipino words, senses, and subentries to the Oxford English Dictionary:

• bongga – Extravagant or flamboyant

• comfort room – a public toilet

• despedida – More fully “despedida party”. A social event honouring someone who is about to depart on a journey or leave an organization; a going-away party.

• gimmick – a night out with friends

• halo-halo – A Filipino dessert made with mixed fruits, boiled sweetened white beans, milk, and flavoured crushed ice, typically topped with purple yam, crème caramel, and ice cream.

• kikay kit – A soft case in which a woman’s toiletries and cosmetics are stored.

• kilig – causing or characterized by a feeling of exhilaration or elation.
(of a person) exhilarated or elated by an exciting or romantic experience.

• OFW – A person from the Philippines who is living and working in another country, typically on a temporary basis.

• pancit – (in Filipino cooking) noodles, or a dish made with noodles.

• pandesal – A yeast-raised bread roll made of flour, eggs, sugar and salt, widely consumed in the Philippines, especially for breakfast.

• trapo – A politician perceived as belonging to a conventional and corrupt ruling class.

View the full list of the new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary in this link.

The Oxford English Dictionary publishes four updates a year. The next update will be added to the dictionary in September 2019.

TELL US in the comments below which other Pinoy terms you think should be in the next update of the Oxford English Dictionary?

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