14 new Pinoy terms enter updated Oxford Dictionary

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Filipino words again entered the newest update of the Oxford Dictionary, with at least 14 Pinoy terms.

Oxford English Dictionary
Oxford English Dictionary [via Philippine Primer]

The new entries from the Philippine languages mostly refer to local traditional food and delicacies.

The newest Oxford English Dictionary update includes the following Pinoy words:

Kare-kare – a peanut-based stew

Pancit – any form of cooking made with noodles

Lechon – chiefly in Filipino and Latin America cookery, roasted whole pig

Puto – steamed rice cake, usually accompanied by Dinuguan (also a famous Filipino Food)

Leche Flan – custard made with condensed milk and egg yolks and topped with caramel, a sweet dessert

Balut – a fertilized duck’s egg boiled and eaten in the shell

Non-food Pinoy terms that were added:

Lolo – grandfather

Lola – grandmother

Tita – auntie

Tito – uncle

Yaya – housemaid

Arnis – martial art form

Tabo – dipper

Bayanihan – sense of teamwork.

Filipino words were previously included in the Oxford Dictionary’s OED Midyear Update.

Oxford Dictionary is the largest and longest running language research project. A word is added at the Oxford Dictionary when it sees evidence that prove a word is used in a variety of different sources.

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