Motivational speaker Mike Grogan loves the Philippines

World Class Filipinos are receiving praises from international motivational speaker Mike Grogan who says he is convinced of seeing a First World Philippines in this lifetime.

Mike Grogan
Mike Grogan

Grogan, who has travelled extensively to 39 countries and lived in six different places, says he noticed a trend among overseas Filipino workers.

“They’re different. There’s something unique about them that I didn’t see in the others,” said Grogan to media.

The Irishman’s positive experiences with OFWs brought him to the Philippines two years ago and now he declares, “…and now there’s no chance that I want to leave.”

“The Filipino makes me a better person,” Grogan proudly says of his new place of residence.

He shocks people with his declaration amid locals who declare dissatisfaction with the country and its race.

The “self-deprecation” Grogan says is evident in the Filipino movie line mouthed by the character of revolutionary General Antonio Luna: The Filipinos’ worst enemy are themselves.

And he and his team has made it his mission to remind the locals of the greatness of the Filipino people.

Grogan says, “It’s like the story of the butterfly—it cannot see its own wings, nor how beautiful these are.”

Grogan’s team has already brought them before audiences in 62 talks, aiming to give more at an average of 40 talks a month.

Grogan’s book, The Rise of the Pinoy, was published just this year. The first two chapters are available for free on his website:

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