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BPI goes on webinars to teach basics of stock market investments

BPI Stock Market seminars

Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has brought its trade seminars online via webinars on the basics of the stock market and fundamentals of investing through its online stock trading platform, BPI Trade.

BPI Securities Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), recently launched the webinars as its pilot online workshops series.

BPI Securities President Haj Narvaez says he believes the webinars will make it easier for those who cannot attend their free workshops on weekdays from 5 to 6 PM.

Narvaez said, “These webinars are designed to make insights more accessible to both existing and prospective clients who cannot attend the usual face-to-face BPI Trade seminars. You will find that these webinars contain the key ingredients that make our seminars work: comprehensive insights, accessible ideas, and engaging speakers.”

“We want to utilize BPI Trade, not only for typical online stock trading, but also as an avenue through which we can share our knowledge and expertise with clients and the general public. We aim to provide them a better understanding of investing and hopefully, they will eventually be able to set well-informed investment goals,” the BPI official added.

To date, BPI Securities has already hosted three online lectures that started in August. The presentations covered the basics of the stock market and the different approaches to investing, among others.

Each session covers different points regarding the market that investors should know about, such as how to create a sound long-term investment plan. It is then followed by a question and answer portion to allow a more personalized approach to clients’ inquiries.

Narvaez said, “BPI Securities will continue to hold these sessions through BPI Trade to give clients valuable insights on the markets. There will always be something new to learn from these sessions and what we can offer. We will also strive to make the content even more relevant by providing insights on current issues that may impact the market”

Narvaez added that investing in the stock market is always a good idea, especially if one is buying quality stocks at a favorable price. He pointed out that value investors see headwinds in the current market as an opportunity to buy stocks at lower prices.

He also said that supplementary features will soon be launched. These include premium webinars, where esteemed traders are invited as guest speakers, as well as invitations to live broadcasts of institutional sales special events, such as economic and political forums.

Interested individuals may register to the webinars through BPI Trade’s official Facebook page. A link is provided for participants who prefer to access the webinar via a computer, while Cisco Webex app for Android or iOS is needed for mobile access.

For schedules on upcoming webinars, visit www.facebook.com/bpitrade

BPI’s investment funds have been named as the best in its class and recognized by regional award giving bodies.

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