Business tips on cybersecurity, safeguarding data, protecting customers

cybersecurity Business tips
Globe Business Academy Cybersecurity Masterclass gives tips for entrepreneurs.

Here are business tips on cybersecurity, safeguarding data, and protecting customers identified by the Globe Business Academy Cybersecurity Masterclass.

With businesses today getting used to new work environments, like remote work or blended work, almost everything is being shared online, making data privacy and security important points of discussion.

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This is why all businesses need cybersecurity because hackers and data thieves can infiltrate even large corporations, businesses of all sizes should consider insights, practices, and tools to foolproof their cybersecurity.

In a masterclass by Globe Business titled Understanding Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Solutions for the IT and Service Industry held last October via Zoom, the discussion included identifying cyber threats and tailoring digital solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially in the InfoComm and Administrative & Support industries.

Globe Business Academy masterclasses provide IT influencers and business owners expert-led seminars meant to increase their mastery of IT skills. The goal aligns with Globe Business’ vision to empower the rise of the Filipino MSME.

“IT security and protecting our customers’ data is at the forefront of every discussion,” said Jonathan Defensor De Luzuriaga, President of the Philippine Software Industry Association and Globe Business Ambassador, in his opening message.

Three cyber experts were part of the panel: Atty. Ricky Salvador, Executive Director for External Affairs and Investor Relations of IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP); Abet Dela Cruz, Founder and Director of the Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team (PHCERT); and Rocky Aum, Security Consultant of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. They discussed industry trends as well as cybersecurity solutions and practices that each organization can implement.

“Despite the rise of digitalization, it is crucial to identify the various challenges brought by it,” Atty. Salvador said. “Some types of cybercrimes affecting MSMEs include weak passwords, resulting in compromised passwords, ‘drive-by’ infections, scanning networks for vulnerabilities and exploitation, malware and ransomware attacks, and brute force attacks.”

Dela Cruz provided recommendations on how businesses can implement security controls that ensure their online data is protected, coupled with IT training, and advanced sessions through downloadable publications and/or workshops from professional computer organizations.

“Security is inversely proportional to usability,” Dela Cruz said. “The more you add security, the harder it is to access or use the website or data. For most, there must be two layers of security controls at a minimum. But if you have the budget and if your business needs more protection, then that’s up to you.”

How about built-in security software? “Between that and third-party applications, the level of security is higher on the latter,” Aum said. “But the important thing is to keep educating our users.” For example, when accessing a prohibited website, they “shouldn’t only be blocked, but they should also know why the website is a threat,” Aum added.

Maridol Ylanan, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Globe Business MSME Group, gave the closing statement about how a trusted digital solutions provider can help companies. “[Our goal] is to provide them with a better understanding of their organization’s vulnerabilities and how to keep their businesses safe from cyber threats.”

To help MSMEs maintain good cyber hygiene, Globe Business has a portfolio of cybersecurity solutions ranging from data privacy, endpoint security, cloud security, and network security. All these and more contribute to businesses‘ confidence in delivering quality services and running secure operations.

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