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Chinkee Tan: 3 Things To Nurture To Be Successful in 2020

Chinkee Tan Successful 2020
Chinkee Tan shares these success tips. Credits to Chinkee Tan.

Chinkee, why is it so hard to quit my vices?
Why is it so difficult to win over procrastination?
This is hopeless! Better be back to my old habits than be frustrated!

I understand your frustration. There is nothing about change that is comfortable. Actually, change is scary because it shakes you to the core. It challenges your long-held beliefs. It may also push you to let go of the things that you have been holding on for too long. However, if you will only look at the end game — the reward of that change, you will be motivated to press on. If only you can see how much better of a person you can be, quitting can no longer be an option for you. But if change is really frustrating for you, you can start with nurturing these 3 simple, yet essential things.

The greatest battles happen in the mind. Whatever you think or decide on makes all the difference. That simple decision whether you will get up or just stay in bed can have a great impact on your day and on your goals. Hence, it is important to nurture the mind.

Assess your outlook in life. Have you been entertaining negative or discouraging thoughts? Have you been thinking that you cannot do it, that you are inadequate? This year, try with all your might to have a positive perspective. A positive attitude towards life can change how you approach your work, your relationships, and even your finances. You can be more motivated to push through and be better. Try to see life with hope. Perhaps your recent days were not all that good, but have the hope that tomorrow may be a lot better.

Words are powerful. What you declare upon yourself and to other people most likely comes true. So, it is better that you fill your conversations with positive and encouraging words. You can start declaring using the following sentences.

I can (do it).
I am grateful for (my family).
I forgive (my ex).

If you practice these simple sentences in your life, you can release yourself from the lies that you are not adequate and that you are hopeless. You can also free yourself from the burdens of bitterness and unforgiveness.

It would also help if you stay away from people who gives nothing but poisonous words — the envious, the insecure, the critic, the pessimistic, the discourager, etc. Always surround yourself with people who support you, who are genuinely honest, and who are truly concerned for you.

If you have been feeding your mind with encouraging thoughts, then changing to be better will become natural to you.

After you have decided to quit your vices, let say smoking, you will do your best to cut your consumption of cigarettes. Maybe you start from just consuming one box, then just one stick, until you no longer crave for it. After you have decided to overcome procrastination, then you can get up every day and do your work. After you have decided that 2020 will be a great year for you, then you will do everything to make this year your best year yet.

The next battle after deciding is staying consistent. So, do your best and just look at what you want to achieve. Do not delay your success. Act on your dreams now!

Success cannot be achieved overnight. It is a process and a war against yourself. So, it is better to nurture yourself first starting with your mind, words, and actions. Once you have mastered yourself, you will be amazed on how victories will just follow you.

Are you frustrated with the adjustments you need to do to become better?
Do you have a winner mindset?
What things have you been declaring to yourself? Are they encouraging?


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TELL US in the comments below, what is your definition of success?

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