Cities winning vs. COVID-19 tracked on University of the Philippines ENDCOV.PH

Cities fighting against COVID-19
The goal of the LGU should be to see pink bars dominating their charts. Screenshot of ENDCOV.PH

The successes of cities fighting against COVID-19 are now tracked on the University of the Philippines ENDCOV.PH dashboard.

The new feature “CITY vs COVID” was launched by the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response team on July 23, 2020, to provide information on how cities are recovering from COVID-19 based on available data.

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The ENDCOV.PH tracker seeks to show how cities in the Philippines are faring in the fight against COVID-19 and situates the city’s status on the road to recovery towards the goal of zero cases.

The feature provides information on how cities are recovering from COVID-19 over time, based on the Department of Health and Local Government Unit data.

Users can simply select their city to generate the following charts:

  • latest number of cases, deaths, and recoveries,
  • information on their locality’s recovery rate, fatality rate, and current phase of community quarantine
  • COVID-19 statistics of past dates can be accessed by hovering the cursor on the bar aligned to the specific date

The chart is color-coded for easier use:

  • active cases are shown in blue
  • number of deceased in turquoise
  • number of recovered in pink

The goal is for LGUs to see pink bars, indicating the number of infected people who have recovered over time relative to the total number of cases.

“CITY vs COVID” is a useful resource for the public to monitor the current situation and for LGUs to make informed decisions as they chart their path to recovery.

To access the CITY vs COVID features of ENDCOV.PH go to this link.

The NASA Space Apps award-winning team of Filipinos is also working with the worldwide Coronatracker.

UP has been at the forefront of research and innovations to address the COVID 19 pandemic, including the development of the first Philippine-made COVID 19 test kit and the RxBox Vital Signs monitoring device.


SEND CHEERS to the University of the Philippines for making COVID 19 data available to the public through the ENDCOV.PH dashboard.

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