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Cultural Center of the Philippines reinvents Pasinaya as Tuloy Po Kayo online festival

Philippines Cultural Center Pasinaya
Tuloy Po Kayo is an invitation for audiences to join the artist in creative spaces as well as a declaration that creativity continues despite the pandemic.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) has reinvented its annual Pasinaya into the Tuloy Po Kayo (TPK) CCP Online Multi-Arts Open Community Festival to meet the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic that has restricted live performances in art venues.

The Pasinaya is the largest multi-arts festival in the country which has been held annually for 15 years, drawing thousands of artists and art enthusiasts to the CCP grounds in Pasay City, Manila, to sample exhibits, performances, and workshops. In 2020, the Pasinaya was canceled amid the coronavirus outbreak that stopped mass gatherings.

The CCP Pasinaya spirit returns this 2021 through the Tuloy Po Kayo Online Festival that is expected to draw even more people to its online platforms that cross the usual geographical limitations of the Manila-based event.

From March 19-21 and 26–28, the CCP opens its theaters’ virtual counterparts, giving free access to the public via live streams on Zoom, Vimeo, and the CCP social media.

Organizers share that in “Tuloy Po Kayo”, meaning “Welcome” or “Please come in”, audiences are invited to enter the artist’s home, studio, and performance space, to observe and be part of the creative process.

The festival name is also a declaration that “culture and the arts must continue to flourish, to provide joy and comfort, to guide, and to inspire Filipinos – Tuloy ang Sining!

The festival team shares its hope that the festival serves as a way or bridge to get back to reopening to new and better normal.

Tuloy Po Kayo Festival Offerings

  1. Palihan – introductory workshops in various performing art forms for all ages
  2. Palabas – a series of performances and activities in music, theater, dance, visual arts, film, and literature, presented by the CCP, its resident companies, and major culture and arts groups from the regions
  3. Palitan – the Arts Fair or Arts market that matches artists with supporters

Tuloy Po Kayo also features other activities that include:

  • Special Events – the Opening Ceremony and the People’s Gala
  • Virtual Tours and Exhibitions – offered by partner Museums, Galleries, and other Cultural Venues may
  • Online Games

The events are accessible via the Zoom Webinar setup with a maximum capacity of 500 participants per room. Access is free, not requiring passwords nor pre-registration.

The Tuloy Po Kayo Event Page on the CCP Website contains clickable links to Festival Components (e.g. Palihan workshops, Palabas shows, Palitan Arts Market, Virtual Museum Tours, Film and New Media, & Archived events).

Events mostly run for 15 to 30 minutes while some last up to 90 minutes.

All daily offerings include many types for greater access and variety. The Zoom webinar is continuous from morning till afternoon; audiences can watch whatever is streamed and go from one room/space to another in the same period.

Friday to Sunday event premieres happen in real-time but remain online as archived events for the duration of the festival. Audiences can access shows or art forms they missed during their premiere in the archival recording.

CCP is having its pre-festival event this March 12-14. Check out the TPK Event Page here.

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