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Barangay Captain sa Pilipinas nasa New Zealand
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This new episode of Barangay New Zealand features educator and former Barangay Captain in the Philippines, Dominic Flores, who has moved to New Zealand and is now working in an industry that cares for the most vulnerable people in society.

The inspirational ekwentomo of Flores covers his 15 years experience as the Barangay Captain of Pansol in Quezon City, as well as his being a teacher from grade school, high school to college – experiences that have enriched his life and enabled him to uplift his clients.

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The Barangay New Zealand program declares “Dito, sikat kayo!” as it presents Filipino-Kiwi Newsmakers, Kulay Pinoy Trivia, among other stories of good, service, and success of Filipinos.

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The Filipino TV show hosted by Rene Molina which premiered in 2021 is also seen on YouTube’s Barangay New Zealand channel after its ApnaTV-36 airing.

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