Digital Revolution: How 60% of Filipinos Are Embracing Part-Time Work in the Tech Era

Digital Revolution Filipinos Tech Era
A laptop and cellphone display a range of virtual job opportunities available in companies like, symbolizing the digital era’s expansive career landscape for part-time workers in the Philippines. GNP photo.

In a striking shift towards digital adaptability, 60% of Filipinos are now engaged in some form of part-time work, a recent study by Agile Data Solutions, Inc. reveals. This trend, deeply rooted in the digital revolution, showcases the Filipino workforce’s resilience and versatility amidst economic challenges.

The survey, conducted through the Hustle PH app from July to September 2023, involved over 1,000 participants aged 18 and above. It uncovered that younger Filipinos are at the forefront of this change, actively participating in various part-time roles to bolster their income and gain financial independence.

Multiple Virtual Work and Salary

Regionally, the earnings from part-time work vary, with the highest income reported in areas like Calabarzon, the National Capital Region, and Central Luzon, where individuals can earn as much as P10,000 per month.

The study further reveals a significant focus on savings, with 78% of male and 76% of female part-time workers emphasizing the need to save their income, a trend more noticeable among Gen Z and Millennials. This demographic shift also highlights differing attitudes towards managing multiple part-time roles, with women typically holding one job and men often balancing two or more.

Jason Gaguan, Chairman and CEO of Agile Data Solutions, notes, “We see an increasing number of Filipinos, particularly the younger generation, seeking part-time employment as a means to bolster their income and attain financial stability. This trend is further driven by the prevailing economic challenges and inflation, which reached 6.1% in September.”

Prioritizing Financial Independence

The survey also sheds light on shifting values and priorities across generations. Financial independence is a key goal for 83% of Gen Z individuals, compared to 76% of older generations. Older participants favor flexibility, highlighting a shift in focus from financial security in youth to work-life balance with age.

Advantages of Communication Skills and WFH

Communication skills emerge as essential for part-time employment, with 84% of women and 81% of men acknowledging their importance.

Work from home has emerged as a top preference, indicating a shift towards embracing the convenience and opportunities presented by digital work environments.

Call center roles top the list of part-time positions that Filipino workers look for, closely followed by virtual assistant roles, service crew positions, information technology roles, and sales positions, respectively.

Gaguan adds, “Filipinos today aren’t just adapting to the digital age – they’re truly making the most of it. With all the new technology and online platforms out there, many are finding jobs that fit their preferences and skills. It’s a testament to the adaptability and spirit of the modern Filipino workforce.”

Agile Data Solutions continues to analyze cultural trends through Hustle PH, helping both businesses and individuals navigate the evolving digital landscape. For more details on the study, visit Full Research: Rockin’ Raket.

Virtual work and business opportunities, as well as virtual internships available to Filipinos, have steadily risen over the years.

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