Dingdong Dantes lends voice to animated video promoting safer internet

Dingdong Dantes Animated video
Dingdong Dantes is a featured voice on an animated video promoting Safer Internet in the Philippines. Screengrab from video, photo from Dingdong Dantes.

Filipino celebrity Dingdong Dantes has lent his voice to an animated video promoting safer internet for Filipinos.

The Asian Star Prize awardee was revealed as a guest voice on the advocacy video during Google Philippines’ Safer Internet Day celebration on February 9, 2021, when the animated video was presented to the media in a virtual event.

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Event host and content creator Joyce Pring revealed Dantes’ involvement in the advocacy to provide a safer online environment for Filipinos.

Dantes said it was natural for him to get involved in the project as a co-parent with actress Marian Rivera to kids who are considered digital natives.

The popular actor then encouraged everyone to be part of a safer internet environment.

Dantes notes how the internet world is now part of the home because of the Covid-19 pandemic that has restricted movements out of the house.

“We need to teach peace, build peace, and create a culture of peace. And that begins by building this culture in our homes. Start from magulang to mga anak,” the Safer Internet advocate explained.

Dantes then listed tips on building a safer internet experience at home:

– explain to children when, why, and how we engage in the internet
– discern posts for authenticity

The Filipino celebrity also echoed Pring’s plea for netizens “to be kinder out there”.

“(When we post) Napakaganda to show the good vibes, the good perspective of it. When you choose to be kinder, you become an internet hero,” Dantes said.

Dingdong Dantes with Joyce Pring and other guests on the Safer Internet Day media event.

The Safer Internet Day is a worldwide event that seeks to make the internet a safer and better place for all, and especially for children and young people. The event in the Philippines was marked by Google’s continuation of its Cyberpeace campaign to teach digital responsibility among high school students nationwide that was launched in 2020 in partnership with the NGO Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM). The campaign has reached over 416,000 netizens.

This year, Google collaborated with some of the youth volunteers of TPBPM to help teach digital responsibility through animation and spoken word poetry videos that were launched at the virtual media event.

Dingdong Dantes has been involved in various advocacies including the largest solar Philippine flag tribute to frontliners, a delivery service that hires movie workers for riders, and the promotion of work from home jobs.

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