Discover November’s Must-Attend Events: Book Signings, Eco-Concerts, Culinary Delights, and Children’s Book Launch in the Philippines

November's Must-Attend Events Philippines
Embracing Filipino Heritage: An array of events in November celebrates the Philippines’ vibrant culture, from the artistic expressions of Geloy Concepcion to the eco-friendly melodies at the E-Waste Collection Concert, the fusion flavors at Doña Elena x Jones All-Day Bistro and Bakery, and the endearing tales of Heneral Tuna for the young readers. Event photos.

November in the Philippines brings a tapestry of events that are a testament to the creative and cultural vibrancy of the Filipino spirit. It’s a month packed with activities that promise to engage, inspire, and celebrate the rich heritage and forward-thinking mindset of Filipinos. From a heartfelt book signing by an inspiring photographer to an eco-conscious concert, from a culinary adventure fusing East and West to the launch of a charming children’s book series, each event encapsulates a facet of Filipino pride and innovation.

The diverse lineup speaks to a range of passions and interests. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Geloy Concepcion, groove to the beat of sustainability at the EcoWaste E-Waste Collection Concert, savor the innovative flavors offered by Doña Elena and Jones All-Day Bistro and Bakery, and delight in the educational journey with Heneral Tuna. These experiences not only offer entertainment and enjoyment but also underline the importance of community, environmental responsibility, and cultural identity.

November 4 – Fully Booked Book Signing “Things You Wanted to Say But Never Did” by Geloy Concepcion

Photographer Geloy Concepcion has turned a period of personal struggle into a powerful artistic endeavor with his new book, “Things You Wanted to Say But Never Did.” During a challenging time as a new father unable to work due to immigration delays in the U.S., Concepcion sought solace in sharing and listening to the unspoken words of others through an Instagram project that drew in 120,000 anonymous submissions globally. This project, which paired unused photos from his archives with these confessions, has evolved into a photographic self-help journal. The book offers reflections, inspirations, writing prompts, and tear-away stationery to encourage others to express and work through their feelings. It serves as a beacon of connection and healing, emphasizing the power of art in times of personal and communal unrest. Fans have the opportunity to meet Geloy Concepcion at a book signing on November 4, 2023, at The Studio in Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

For details on the book signing and book orders, head to the Fully Booked FB Page:

November 5 – E-Waste Collection Concert at Marikina Sports Center

The EcoWaste Coalition is orchestrating a harmonious blend of environmental activism and musical entertainment with its upcoming E-Waste Collection Concert. Titled ‘Together WEEE Can’, the event is scheduled for Sunday, November 5, at the Marikina Sports Center, where music lovers can trade electronic waste for a chance to see performances by notable artists like Zild, Kean Cipriano, and Omar Baliw, among others. The innovative initiative allows attendees to swap various sizes of e-waste for concert tickets, encouraging eco-friendly disposal and raising awareness about electronic waste management.

To get tickets and more concert details head to the EcoWaste Coalition FB Page:

Until November 10 – Limited Edition Menu at Doña Elena x Jones All-Day Bistro and Bakery

Doña Elena, the leading olive oil brand in the Philippines, has collaborated with Jones All-Day Bistro and Bakery to create a limited-edition menu that presents a fusion of Mediterranean and Filipino flavors. The menu, curated by corporate chef and Doña Elena ambassador Kalel Chan, is available for a special price of P1,200 until November 10, 2023. It showcases dishes like the Grilled Barbeque Gremolata Pork Iberico, Hamachi Crudo Pani Puri with Sinigang Aguachile, and the unique Adobong Pusit Arancini with Grilled Pulpo.

Get more details on the Doña Elena Cuisinera Club FB page:

November 13 – Launch Heneral Tuna Children’s Picture Book

The National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), in collaboration with Aklat Alamid, is bringing the adventures of Heneral Tuna, the lovable blue alien cat from Planet Mingming, into Filipino homes through a new children’s picture book series. The series, adapted from the animated show produced by the NCCA and Rocketsheep Studio, aims to educate young readers on Filipino values through heartwarming tales.

Details on the picture books on the Heneral Tuna FB page:

Don’t just read about these exciting events – be part of them! Join fellow Filipinos this November in a series of celebrations that are close to our hearts and reflective of our culture. Dive into the good news and share the events that build upon our Filipino identity. Share the article, spread the joy, and let’s make this November a month to remember the rich cultural tapestry that is the Philippines.

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