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Erwan Heussaff, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman join Juan Effect to protect Siargao

Cypher Learning
Cypher Learning
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Filipino and Pinoy-at-Heart celebrities Erwan Heussaff, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Kyle “Kulas” Jennerman have joined the Juan Effect campaign to protect Siargao.

Voted by Conde Nast Traveler readers as one of the world’s best islands along with famed-Boracay and Palawan, Siargao has been benefiting from the volunteerism campaign of Juan Effect which started in 2018 with a little over 5,000 pledges now ballooning to over 14,000 pledges from people to help in the preservation of the Philippines’ tourist destinations.

Pledges attest to the travelers’ commitment to bring their own eco-bags and bottles to reduce plastic waste, and to properly dispose of their trash.

Cebu Pacific (CEB) officially launched in January their campaign headlined by the three celebrities to keep Siargao tourism sustainable by effecting environmental advocacy in its own ranks, tourists who ride on their airplanes, and Siargao local residents.

The Fat Kid Inside’s travel and recipe videomaker Erwan Heusaff went on social media to encourage people to do their part in environment and sustainable tourism as the beautiful islands of the Philippines attract local and foreign visitors.

“So do your part in patronizing establishments that put in the effort or bring a reusable bottle with you, or your own shopping bag and just make sure that we as travellers, as much as we can, leave paradise with only our footprints in the sand,” wrote Heusaff in his social media post.

Actress-model, social media writer-advocate Jasmine Curtis Smith posted on her social media that “If every Juan could practice sustainable tourism while abroad, we surely can do it within our own home country, too.

When we practice sustainability we start with our homes and wouldn’t it be such an amazing discipline that we can teach, live by and carry on with our family? It would be an easy and effortless practice to bring around as we travel!”

Curtis Smith notes that she was glad to have started work in 2019 “advocating for awareness and education on becoming more conscious about our environment and sustainable tourism” and pledged to do her share of protecting Siargao.

Canadian Kyle “Kulas Jennerman” of Becoming Filipino is a true Pinoy-at-heart who calls the country his home and champions the beauty of the Philippines and the Filipino.

Kulas writes on social:

“We can all make little positive changes to how we travel. Being responsible tourists is something we should all strive to always be! Bring a water bottle, bring an eco-bag, dispose your trash correctly… share about it, help educate about it, SMILE about it!”

If you travel, watch this video to see how you can do your share and make a pledge now at: http://juaneffect.com/

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