Fil-Am chef Isa Fabro is voice of restaurant owner on Netflix’s City of Ghosts

Isa Fabro City of Ghosts
Real-life Pinay chef Isa Fabro plays restaurant owner “Chef Jo” in Netflix’s “City of Ghosts”. Photos from Isa Fabro and Netflix.

Filipino-American chef Isa Fabro is the voice of restaurant owner “Chef Jo” in the new Netflix animated series, “City of Ghosts”.

The award-winning pastry cook behind IsaMADE which serves Filipino-style desserts in Los Angeles announced in an Instagram post that she will be playing the part of “Chef Jo” in the Netflix show.

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“CITY OF GHOSTS @netflix @netflixfamily!!! Stream NOW and watch @zeldasghostclub explore Los Angeles and all its hidden stories and history 👻. Find me playing CHEF JO and @chefkuniko playing my friend MARIKO (it us 😎),” Fabro posted on March 5, 2021, the same day the show premiered on the popular streaming platform.

Emmy Award-winning director Elizabeth Ito’s “City of Ghosts” is described as a “mockumentary-style” animated mini-series that follows a group of young kids, known as the “Ghost Club,” as they investigate various ghosts sightings and encounters throughout the city of Los Angeles.

The Pinay chef first shared in February that she was working on a special project with the famous animator. Fabro’s “City of Ghosts” character who dons an apron and sports purple hair tied into a bun was loosely based on her own mannerisms and experiences as an Asian-American business owner.

Born in Canada to Filipino parents and raised in L.A., Isa Fabro first worked at lauded restaurants Patina, Water Grill, and Hatfield’s. After a trip to the Philippines in 2016, Fabro decided to open her own company, IsaMADE.

From there, Isa Fabro built an entire menu of hybrid Filipino dishes. She has appeared in the documentary “ULAM,” about the rise of Filipino food in America and now works as a brand consultant and continues to collaborate with Filipino chefs.

Filipinos involved in animation shows include Shay Mitchell and Liza Soberano who are the voices of Alexandra Trese, Eric Adrian Bauza who is playing the new voice of the iconic childhood cartoon character Bugs Bunny, and Josie Trinidad, a Filipino animator who voiced the Zootopia landlady, Wreck-It Ralph’s Jubileena Bing Bing, and an additional voice for Big Hero 6.

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