Fil-Brit Vanessa White makes waves as R&B singer

Filipino-British singer Vanessa White is continuing to make waves in the entertainment industry as a solo R&B singer after her girl group, The Saturdays, went on hiatus on 2015.

Vanessa White
Vanessa White [via Facebook]

White first made a name in the scene as the youngest member of the 5-member British pop group “The Saturdays” when she was just 17.

Now at 27, White has elected to drop the girl pop persona to take on a more adult sultry rhythm and blues performance.

In 2016 she was described as a “promising R&B voice.”

White’s mother is from Davao in Mindanao, according to a YouTube post.

White recently acknowledged her Filipino affinity with an instagram post of her sporting the Filipino flag on her nails.

White is currently preparing for her June 16 concert after the release of her “Chapter Two” music album.

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