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Filipino app PasaJob improves employee referral hiring programs

PasaJob is the first and only long-chain referral-based job platform in the Philippines.

Filipino app PasaJob is helping improve the system of employee referral hiring for companies through its tracking technology, automated payout process, and expanded reach.

PasaJob is the first and only long-chain referral-based job platform in the Philippines. It improves on existing employee referral programs and serves as an additional hiring tool for companies looking for quality candidates.

“As the country’s first long-chain referral-based job platform, PasaJob aims to make the vetting process of referral hiring smoother with the help of technology and by easily making the credentials of both the candidate and their referrer accessible,” said PasaJob Founder and CEO Kristen Mariano.

Typically, referred applicants are informed of the job availability by word-of-mouth and monetary incentives are given to employee referrers manually. The pool of potential candidates is also limited to the employees’ social network and excludes opportunities for former staff, suppliers, and other contacts who can vouch for a company’s reputability since referral programs are only open to its personnel.

There have been a number of observed benefits that come from hiring referred workers such as onboarding high-performance workers and longer job retention. By partnering with PasaJob, companies can enjoy these benefits along with the advantages that the app’s platform provides like amplifying a company’s referral program coverage, tracking an applicant’s referrer through its long-chain mechanism, and automating the payout.

Because the app is available for anyone to download, employers can crowdsource potential hires and verify if they have the right credentials. The app’s long-chain method allows companies to view a referrer’s profile to ensure that referred candidates and those that vouch for them are credible.

Now that the Philippine economy is starting to get back on its feet, more employers are seeking workers to restart their businesses. Whether these are long-term or project-based, PasaJob offers a helping hand for this undertaking especially since it can help companies lessen spending on recruitment efforts. Compared to fixed-job posting rates, employers can set the price for the fees given to referrers of successfully hired applicants.

“While the country is recovering from the mass layoffs brought about by the pandemic, we want to inspire hope through PasaJob by supporting Filipino job seekers and employers alike as both parties can benefit from it,” said Mariano.

Even employed workers who aren’t actively seeking new jobs have something to gain from using the app. If their referred contact is successfully hired, they will receive a payout from the employer.

For companies and organizations interested in partnering with PasaJob and utilizing its job referral platform, please contact info@pasajob.com for inquiries. Meanwhile, job seekers and potential referrers can download the app from Google Play and the App Store.

More job hiring sites developed by Filipinos include GoRemote Jobs Board and Work From Home.

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