Filipino band Mayonnaise’s ‘Park Chaeyoung’ for BlackPink Rosé headlines in Korea

Mayonnaise’s ‘ark Chaeyoung
Mayonnaise frontman Monty Macalino’s song for Blackpink’s Rosé has caught the attention of South Korean media and the K-pop star herself. Photos from Mayonnaise IG and Rosé IG.

Pinoy alternative rock band Mayonnaise’s song “박채영” or “Park Chaeyoung” named after the BlackPink girl group member Rosé was featured on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) show “Morning Wide” in South Korea.

The track belongs to Mayonnaise’s 8th studio album “Friends & Family” titled ‘Park Chae-Young’ in Hangul or Rosé’s Korean name.

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The Filipino group Mayonnaise shared a video of the SBS news feature to netizens on January 7, 2021, along with the caption, “박채영 Park Chaeyoung feature in SBS Morning News 😭 #MayonnaiseFirstWin.”

In the report, the “Morning Wide” news anchor said that the song for the K-pop star Rosé was written by Mayonnaise frontman Monty Macalino who often looked to the BlackPink member for inspiration when he was still coping with depression during a difficult time in his life.

Mayonnaise then uploaded an audio clip of Rosé herself in a Twitter post on January 11 who talked about having listened to the song when she learned of it from the news.

“The Park Chaeyoung song. I did see that. I think it was on the news or something. I was so surprised,” Rosé of BlackPink said in the audio recording.

Mayonnaise first released the track on YouTube last December which features the K-pop star’s voice in the beginning with Chino David and Julia Daniel’s vocals.

Aside from “Park Chae-Young,” the group also used Rosé’s voice in the intro of songs “St. Augustine” and “Sniper Training” in the same studio album of the Filipino rock band Mayonnaise.

Korean-pop group BlackPink last year where Filipina celebrity AC Bonifacio won second place.

Another Filipino band, Sponge Cola, just released a song inspired by Kim Seon-ho’s character Han Ji-pyeong from the hit Kdrama series, Start-up.

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