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Filipino Dogs Star in Asong Pinoy Next Top Model

Entry of Mochi, the title holder of Asong Pinoy Next Top Model 2023. Photo from Cebu City Government – Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries page.

The Asong Pinoy, better known as Aspin, will star in the Cebu City Government’s Next Top Model Contest to celebrate the local Asong Pinoy Day scheduled on June 30, 2024, at the Cebu IT Center.

Asong Pinoy Next Top Model will feature Cebu City’s healthy aspins with complete anti-rabies vaccination and are ligated. The local Filipino native dogs are expected to showcase their charm, beauty, and exceptional intelligence.

Tracing the roots

Asong Pinoy Next Top Model is part of the one-day event prepared by the Cebu City Government’s Department of Veterinary Medicine and Fisheries (DVMF) in partnership with the Island Rescue Organization (IRO) and Cebu IT Park.

Annalyn Aizpuru, President of the IRO, recalls that the Asong Pinoy Program in Cebu City started in 2010.

We have contests online or fashion shows or show your Aspins because it is their time to shine every Asong Pinoy Day,” Aizpuru shared with Good News Pilipinas.

It went on for another year and then in 2012, the Cebu City Government DVMF collaborated with IRO.

Since then, Asong Pinoy Day has been celebrated successfully, except during the pandemic, every month of June without a fixed day.

We are used to celebrating Asong Pinoy Day in June here in Cebu,” the IRO official added.

In 2021, the Philippine Animal Welfare and Society (PAWS) declared August 18 as National Aspin Day.

Tracing the fun and freebies

Other activities during the event include Best Looking and Best Dressed Asong Pinoy, Tula para kay Doggy, My Asong Pinoy Adoption Story, and Asong Pinoy Fun Run.

Aside from the fun activities, the DVMF provides anti-rabies shots, vitamin supplements, and consultation on the day of the event.

With this event, IRO aims to focus on aspins through various activities and be able to promote aspins for adoption.

So far, more and more people are adopting Aspins especially in organizations or in shelters here in Cebu,” Aizpuru shared.

Aizpuru also encourages Cebuanos to join the activities during Asong Pinoy Day and be proud of the Philippines’ Aspins.

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