Filipino-Kiwi actor Leand Macadaan is the new face of New Zealand police

Leand Macadaan
Leand Macadaan stars in New Zealand police’s non-emergency number campaign. Credits to Leand Macadaan.

Filipino-Kiwi actor Leand Macadaan has a new role as the face of the marketing and education campaign of the New Zealand police for the newly launched 105 (10-5) non-emergency number.

Leand Macadaan is a popular actor known for films such as Fresh Meat (2012), Power Rangers R.P.M. (2009), Legend of the Seeker (2008), among others. He has also appeared in various successful TV commercials in New Zealand.

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The Kiwi-Pinoy (KiwiNoy) actor can be seen on the New Zealand police video singing the 10-5 Non Emergency Number jingle.

New Zealand police created 105 (10-5) number as a separate line for non-urgent demands, in order to divert a decent number of calls to the new one and free up 111. It has been more than 60 years since Emergency Number 111 was launched.

To help to remember the new digits, the New Zealand police is spending about 2 million dollars for the campaign where Leand Macadaan has a key acting role.

The 10-5 Non Emergency Number website can also accept public reports for the non-urgent and non-life threatening calls.

Leand Macadaan posted on social media a special message in Filipino telling his fellow KiwiNoys about the new non-emergency number to call for non-urgent calls for police assistance.

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WATCH Leand Macadaan sing this catchy tune for 10-5 Non Emergency Number forNew Zealand police in this video:

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