Filipino longganisa, tocino offered as health food option in California market

Filipino longganisa California market
Premium uncured frozen Filipino breakfast meats under the Magniloa brand will be available in Asian stores by end of June 2020.

Filipino breakfast meats longganisa and tocino are now being offered as a healthy food option in California’s market.

The premium uncured frozen Filipino breakfast meats are being introduced under the Magnolia premium brand of Ramar Foods, a Filipino Food company in the USA.

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The Filipino breakfast meats as presented as a healthier option given the growing demand among Filipino-Americans and the general market.

The Magnolia premium uncured meats offer the classic taste but with simple, nitrate/nitrite-free ingredients compared to other pre-packaged meat.

“We have been working on getting the flavor just right for a long time,” explains the Vice President of Operations, PJ Quesada. “Our customers have a very refined palate, and we had to get it right before bringing it to the market.”

The uncured line will include different new varieties of Filipino breakfast meats:

Longganisa – Filipino sausage that comes in different flavors such as pork sweet hamonado and chicken

Tocino – Filipino cut meat marinated in sweet sauce comes in chicken or pork flavors

Magnolia’s premium uncured Filipino breakfast meats will be available in Asian stores and Asian aisles by the end of June 2020.

Pinoy carinderia-style food in Oriental Mart have received the James Beard America’s Classics Award 2020.

The Sisig, Kare-Kare, other Filipino food are also featured on the menu of Cantina Sunae in Argentina.

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