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Philippines Shine in Global Food Scene: Sinigang, Atchara, Makati, The Aristocrat Win Acclaim

Filipino food gems 'Sinigang', 'Atchara', Makati City, and The Aristocrat restaurant have soared to global recognition, securing spots in the prestigious 2023 World’s Best 100 list by TasteAtlas raters. This accolade spotlights the Philippines' culinary artistry in the international arena.

Philippine Cuisine Triumphs in Global Rankings: Sinigang na Baboy, Bulalo, and Tinolang Manok Among...

The culinary treasures of the Philippines have once again captivated the palates of international food connoisseurs. In the latest TasteAtlas rankings released on November 16, 2023, three iconic Filipino soups - Sinigang na Baboy, Bulalo, and Tinolang Manok - have secured prestigious spots among the World’s Best Rated Meat Soups, showcasing the vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine.

Philippines’ Leche Flan and Sorbetes Rank Among Top 50 Global Desserts, Says TasteAtlas

Two of the Philippines' beloved desserts, Leche Flan and Sorbetes, have earned spots in the prestigious "50 Best Rated Desserts in the World", as voted by readers of TasteAtlas, a renowned global gastronomy encyclopedia. This 2023 side-by-side accolade highlights the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Philippines.

Discover the Philippines’ Ultimate Food Delights: GrabFood’s Fan Faves 2023 Winners Unveiled

GrabFood's eagerly anticipated Fan Faves 2023 results are in, revealing the most-loved food deliveries across the Philippines. After a month-long voting frenzy, from September to October 2023, millions of Grab users have spoken, crowning their culinary champions in a diverse spread of 19 categories.

UNESCO Crowns Iloilo City as Philippines’ First ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’

Iloilo City has earned the distinguished honor of being named the first ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’ in the Philippines by UNESCO. This accolade was announced as part of the celebrations for World Cities Day 2023, formally inducting Iloilo into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) and highlighting its commitment to sustainable urban development through cultural innovation.

Philippines’ Bola-Bola Meatballs Score a Spot in TasteAtlas’ Best 50 Meatballs of 2023: A...

The humble yet flavor-packed bola-bola has claimed a spot in TasteAtlas' Best 50 Meatballs in the World for 2023, an accolade that adds to the culinary allure of the Philippines on the global gastronomic stage.

Filipino Sweets Taho, Maruya, and Espasol Shine in Taste Atlas’ Top 50 Best Street...

Filipino cuisine continues to leave its global footprint, as three local favorites – taho, maruya, and espasol – are recognized in the 2023 Taste Atlas’ Top 50 Best Street Food Sweets in the World list. These heart-warming and lip-smacking sweets have successfully represented the tropical archipelago in the popular global food map.

Culinary Triumph: Filipino Celebrity Chef Erwan Heussaff Wins James Beard Media Award for Promoting...

In an appetizing victory for Filipino cuisine, celebrity chef and content creator Erwan Heussaff has bagged the 2023 James Beard Media Award in the Social Media Account category. This prestigious international recognition celebrates Heussaff's continued efforts in promoting Filipino cuisine through his compelling Instagram features, solidifying his role as an influential culinary ambassador for the Philippines on the global stage.

Adobo feted first Filipino dish on Google Doodles

Adobo marks its debut today as the first Filipino dish with a Google Doodle featured on the home page of the internet browser.

Philippines: Next Big Thing in Travel – The Times UK

The Philippines has been named the next big thing in travel by The Times UK, Britain’s oldest national daily newspaper.

Disney honors Filipino Americans with chicken adobo recipe

Disney is honoring Filipino Americans with a mouthwatering recipe to make the perfect Filipino chicken adobo.

Philippines’ Chicken Inasal is World’s 5th Best Chicken Dish

The Philippines' Inasal na Manok (chargrilled/ roasted chicken) has been ranked the world's 5th Best Chicken Dish in the October TasteAtlas ranking.
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