Philippines’ Leche Flan and Sorbetes Rank Among Top 50 Global Desserts, Says TasteAtlas

Leche Flan Sorbetes TasteAtlas
Explore the recognition of Filipino desserts Leche Flan and Sorbetes in TasteAtlas’s Top 50 Global Desserts of 2023. TasteAtlas photos.

Two of the Philippines’ beloved desserts, Leche Flan and Sorbetes, have earned spots in the prestigious “50 Best Rated Desserts in the World”, as voted by readers of TasteAtlas, a renowned global gastronomy encyclopedia. This 2023 side-by-side accolade highlights the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Philippines.

At No. 33, Leche Flan, a creamy caramel custard, has been previously lauded as the World’s 3rd Best Custard by TasteAtlas. This delightful dessert combines milk, sugar, eggs, and a hint of vanilla, traditionally served chilled in an oval shape using tin molds called ‘llaneras’. Its roots trace back to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines, blending cultural influences to create a unique and beloved treat.

In 34th rank, Sorbetes, often playfully referred to as ‘dirty ice cream’ due to its street-side sale, stands out with its distinct Filipino flavors like mango, chocolate, cheese, coconut, and purple yam (ube). Unlike its name suggests, Sorbetes is not a sorbet but a creamy ice cream traditionally made from carabao milk and served in small scoops on sugar cones, or uniquely sandwiched between bread buns. Sorbetes was named one of the World’s Top 50 Frozen Desserts.

The food ranking for the 2023 World’s Best Rated Desserts is topped by Crepes from France. Here is the full list:

TasteAtlas’s rankings, including over 75,000 ratings, are a testament to the quality and popularity of these desserts. However, they’re more than just a ranking; they’re a celebration of exceptional local foods, encouraging pride in traditional dishes and sparking curiosity about new flavors.

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