Philippines’ Clark International Airport Honored as One of the World’s Most Beautiful by Prix Versailles

Clark International Airport World's Most Beautiful
Discover Clark International Airport in the Philippines, a Prix Versailles Laureate, celebrated for its innovative and culturally rich architecture. Explore its stunning design, inclusive features, and role as a global architectural icon. Photos from CRK posts.

Clark International Airport (CRK) in Angeles, Pampanga, has earned a prestigious global accolade, being named one of the world’s most beautiful airports by the Prix Versailles, the esteemed World Architecture and Design Award at UNESCO. This notable recognition marks the first time a Philippine airport has achieved this distinction since the inception of the awards in 2015.

The airport, a finalist in the 2021 Prix Versailles for its new passenger terminal, stands out for its modern Filipino architectural design. Its innovative approach, creativity, and strong cultural ties have earned CRK the title of Laureate in the World’s Most Beautiful Airports category. As the sole honoree from Southeast Asia, CRK joins an elite list of 23 airports worldwide, celebrated for their exceptional architecture and design.

CRK’s recognition at the Prix Versailles highlights its architectural significance on an international scale. Described as a showcase of “exceptional architecture and design,” the airport is celebrated for its role in beautifying and enhancing living environments globally. The Prix Versailles acknowledges contemporary projects that stand out for their artistic and practical merits, with CRK being a prime example of this ethos.

The interior design of Clark International Airport draws inspiration from the local community and the natural environment. This approach is evident in its event spaces and key installations, which are infused with local energy and aesthetics. Moreover, the airport’s inclusive features, such as a dedicated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) lounge, gender-neutral facilities, and accessibility options like elevators and escalators at each boarding gate, underscore its commitment to serving all passengers.

Spanning four levels over an area of 110,000 square meters, the terminal can accommodate up to eight million passengers annually, showcasing not only its beauty but also its functional capacity.

Experience the Blend of Beauty and Culture at CRK
Discover the architectural marvel that is Clark International Airport, a proud representation of Filipino creativity and heritage. Share this story of national pride and inspire others to witness the beauty of the Philippines through the lens of its world-class airport. Join the conversation to spread the word about this global recognition.

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