Filipino netizens’ tweets about press freedom topic trends on social media

Press freedom tweet
Filipino netizens are being vocal about their opinions on press freedom and tweeting their support for beleaguered media network, ABS-CBN. “The blue, green and red color represents for the ABS-CBN for press freedom especially artist, reporters, anchors and workers.” Image Courtesy of ABSCBN

Filipino netizens’ tweets and other social media posts about press freedom in the Philippines have gained traction online with the topic going on social media trending status.

Twitter users showed their support for beleaguered media network, ABS-CBN, by championing the cause of press freedom and making the hashtag #InTheServiceOfTheFilipinos – the ABS-CBN slogan – and #DefendPressFreedom trending in the Philippines.

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ABS-CBN Network is up for franchise renewal this March 2020, usually a no-fuss administrative affair for Philippine broadcast media, but key government personalities have been making pronouncements that may and can lead to the non-renewal of the network’s permit to operate.

ABS-CBN’s historical impact to the Philippine media industry is traced to its beginnings with the 1967 merger between Alto Broadcasting System, the country’s first television station owned by Antonio Quirino that broadcast in 1953, and Chronicle Broadcasting Network of Eugenio Lopez Sr.

ABS-CBN has made breakthroughs in the TV industry by achieving the country’s first color TV broadcast, first satellite feed, and first use of videotape, among others. It has since grown into the country’s dominant network of media outlets including TV, radio, print, film, and online platforms.

The network has survived major hurdles including its shutdown during Martial Law but this new obstacle may have more impact to Philippine media and Filipinos now.

Twitter user @GeraldRaquiza2 gave his own meaning on the blue, green and red colors of ABS-CBN saying, “The blue, green and red color represents for the ABS-CBN for press freedom especially artist, reporters, anchors and workers. NoToABSCBNShutDown”.

The colors red, green, and blue represent the tri-band radio transmission waves graphic elements.

Netizens also tweeted that 11,000 employees and many artists of ABS-CBN who will lose their jobs if the corporation shuts down.

@carissmramos tweeted, “It is not only the 11,000 employees of abs-cbn who will be affected, but also their families, the people who rely on their programs for news/entertainment, & the quality of programs (since there will be zero or less competition. #NoToABSCBNShutDown #InTheServiceOfTheFilipino”.

@_chiinchiin said, “I may not be part of the 11,000 loyal filipinos of ABS-CBN, I’m really against the ABS-CBN shutdown. As part of the youth and gen z, abs cbn was a part of my life, it helped me discover my hobbies and talents. #MalayangPamamahayag #NoToABSCBNShutDown #InTheServiceOfTheFilipino”

@iampatdizon is “Forever thankful for not only the opportunity to work with them, but also to learn more about the industry. #NoToABSCBNShutdown #InTheServiceOfTheFilipino”

Another twitter user @jumarjomar challenged others to “SPEAK UP, BECAUSE THE DAY YOU DON’T SPEAK UP FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER TO YOU IS THE DAY YOUR FREEDOM TRULY ENDS.’ Pinapatahimik tayo kaya LALO TAYO DAPAT MAGSALITA AT LUMABAN. Tayo ang may tamang pinaglalaban. #DefendPressFreedom #NOToABSCBNShutdown #FightForFreeSpeech”

Twitter user @blindwill mentioned Freedom of Speech in his tweet, “I am human, you cannot silence me. If my family is threatened, I will speak up. If my livelihood is threatened, I will fight back. If my freedom is threatened, I will break free. You cannot gag me for I am human. #InTheServiceOfTheFilipino #KapamilyaAko #FreedomOfSpeech”

ABS-CBN News anchor Karen Davila tweeted about the defense of Press Freedom and mentioned the role of media: “#PressFreedom The essential role of media in a DEMOCRACY, ‘To SERVE the governed, not the governors’ #intheserviceofthefilipino”

International broadcaster Al Jazeera English dedicated an episode regarding the franchise renewal issue of ABS-CBN where former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, UP Journalism Professor Danilo Arao and Political Analyst Richard Heydarian face off.

ABS-CBN’s programs have gained massive following and international acclaim for around the world as it showcase Filipino talents, among the more recent are 8 nominations from the 2020 New York Festival.

The network has also established various social programs to support causes such as helping disaster-stricken areas with its Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation and working with Filipino innovators like Illac Diaz and Liter of Light to provide cheap solar lamps to remote villages without electricity in the country.

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