Filipino ‘PumaPodcast’ is 1st from Asia at U.S. Library of Congress

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The Filipino “PumaPodcast” series has become the first entry from Asia to be archived by the U.S. Library of Congress’ (LOC) Podcast Preservation Project.

PumaPodcast is the Philippines’ top podcast network founded by veteran journalist Roby Alampay and shares the joy, power, and value there is in listening.

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The Filipino podcast network specializes in audio storytelling founded on core values of good, independent journalism and has launched 17 podcasts series with over 200 episodes since 2018.

The LOC, the world’s largest library, selected “Tokhang sa Tokhang”, “COVID Diaries”, and the general feed of PumaPodcast to be included in their quest to acquire and preserve podcasts for the project which began in January 2020 to recognize valuable recordings of history and culture.

PumaPodcast’s works will soon be in the online archives of the Library of Congress and are already uploaded on site at the LOC available offline for researchers. Some of the works already archived at the LOC include:

Tokhang sa Tokhang

The audio documentary series “Tokhang sa Tokhang” is a six-part groundbreaking series which began streaming in July and covers the stories of those affected by “President Rodrigo Duterte’s still ongoing war on drugs” including parents, spouses, researchers, community workers, artists, church leaders, and government officials.

The “Tokhang sa Tokhang” Spotify profile reads: “We do our own knocking and inquiring; our own katok and hangyo…”Kumusta”? How are you? What happened? How has it all been, since those doors to Filipino homes opened–or burst open?”

“Oplan Tokhang” involves the police visiting individuals who are suspected to be drug users or part of the illegal drug trade in order to reform or persuade them to surrender to authorities for potential rehabilitation.

“Tokhang sa Tokhang” is now available on major podcasting platforms the likes of Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, and Stitcher.

COVID Diaries

“COVID Diaries” is part of PumaPodcast’s own coverage of the coronavirus disease which has caused community quarantine lockdowns in the Philippines since March. It tells “personal stories of Filipinos facing the pandemic at home and abroad from the frontlines to the streets, to help us understand, empathize, and connect” in trying times.

The short podcasts feature interviews with doctors, coronavirus-positive patients, the urban poor, volunteers, relatives of fatalities, and locals trying to get by. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, PumaPodcast says they have had 16,000 listeners on podcasts related to the Coronavirus.

Filipino noteworthy podcasts include the Dream Bayan podcast which features conversations with a diverse group of people whose inspiring stories can help build a better Philippines and Butz Bartolome’s podcasts which share tips for entrepreneurs amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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