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LIST: Martial Law 50th Anniversary Virtual Events

Here is a list of virtual events observing the 50th anniversary of the signing of Presidential Proclamation 1081 declaring Martial Law on September 21, 1972, a period documented as the darkest time of Philippine history which suppressed Filipinos' freedom of speech, assembly, and many other human rights.

Chito Gascon Leadership Series tackles challenges to Philippine education

The Chito Gascon Leadership Series is tackling the challenges to Philippine education post-2022 elections in the 5th and last installment of the webinars organized by Asia Society Philippines together with PumaPodcast, Youth Leadership for Democracy (YouthLED), and the Asia 21 Young Fellows of the Philippines

LISTEN: Sounds of EDSA People Power Revolution

Listen to the sounds of the EDSA People Power Revolution of February 22-25, 1986, as the award-winning PumaPodcast network releases two productions capturing the soundbites as well as the aspirations of the "bloodless revolution" that made Filipino pride soar 36 years ago as the world heaped praises on the legacy and model for people living under repressive and dictatorial regimes.

Asia Society presents leadership talks honoring Filipino leader Chito Gascon

Asia Society in the Philippines is presenting a series of leadership talks honoring the legacy of human rights advocate and Filipino leader, the late Jose Luis Martin “Chito” Gascon.

Filipino ‘PumaPodcast’ is 1st from Asia at U.S. Library of Congress

The Filipino "PumaPodcast" series has become the first entry from Asia to be archived by the U.S. Library of Congress' (LOC) Podcast Preservation Project.
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