Filipino puzzlers top Sudoku Championships in China

Sudoku Championship China
Filipino Sudoku challengers steadily heaped up sufficient scores to sustain their leads and finally claimed victory in China. Credits to MTG Philippines.

Filipino puzzlers topped the 2019 China Sudoku Championships held in Beijing.

Two members of Philippine delegation were declared champions in their categories at the China Junior Sudoku Championship held at the Nirvana Resort on July 26 – 30, 2019.

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Hua Siong College’s J Irah G. Sargado was declared champion in the Under 10 category of the China Junior Sudoku Championship. The Iloilo Sudoku champion also placed Top 3 in the China Sudoku Championship’s Open professionals tournament.

Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc.’s Janelle Aleisonne D.C. Navarro won the Under 18 category of the China Junior Sudoku Championship.

The Mathematics Trainers’ Guild (MTG) – trained Team Philippines led by Hazel Shi harvested more awards in the following divisions:

  1. 1st Runner-up Under 10, Rhaiyanna R. Raymundo from Akle Elementary School, Bulacan
  2. 1st Runner-up Under 18, Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus
  3. 2nd Runner-Up Under 12, Louisa Jean B. Cabugao from Akle High School
  4. 2nd Runner-Up Under 18, Denise Carpio from Dr. Yanga’s Colleges, Inc.

“Giving the opponents the biggest surprise, the Filipino Sudoku challengers steadily heaping up sufficient scores to sustain their leads, finally claimed victory!” said MTG Philippines in their report about the games.

The China Junior Sudoku Championship and China Sudoku Championship were simultaneously held and attracted a total of 328 participants from China, India, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea.

Sudoku is a puzzle in which players insert the numbers one to nine into a grid consisting of nine squares subdivided into a further nine smaller squares in such a way that every number appears once in each horizontal line, vertical line, and square.

MTG Philippines has trained Filipino mathematics students to compete in various world competitions such as the recent South Africa Mathematics Competition and the International Mathematics Contest in Singapore.

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