Filipino mathletes harvest 269 awards including 27 golds in Singapore competition

Filipino Mathletes
The Philippines duplicated its 27 golds at the 2018 edition of the Singapore competition. Credits to MTG via PNA.

Filipino mathletes harvested a total of 269 awards including 27 gold, 54 silver, and 108 bronze medals, along with 80 merit awards at the 15th International Mathematics Contest (IMC) in Singapore.

The newest batch of international math competition awards won by students trained by Mathematics Trainers Guild-Philippines follows the medal hauls by Filipino mathletes at the Po Leung Kuk Primary Mathematics World Contest in Hong Kong, and at the Hanoi Open Mathematics Competition in Vietnam.

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The Filipino students competed among mathletes from 15 countries and territories in the 14th IMC held from August 2 to 5, 2019.

“Congratulations to our Filipino students for achieving a bountiful harvest of medals this year at IMC. We commend them for their hard work,” MTG president Dr. Isidro Aguilar said in a statement released to media.

The Philippines duplicated its 27 golds at the 2018 edition of the Singapore competition, together with 53 silver, and 116 bronze medals. The Philippines has previously earned 1st Overall rank in the 2017 IMC following a massive award haul that included 33 gold, 66 silver, and 146 bronze medals for the Filipino elementary and high school mathletes which also brought home 111 merit awards.

SEND congratulations to our Philippine mathletes, performing strongly at the 15th IMC in Singapore!

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