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Former Fastfood Crew and Camera Man Pursue Coffee Passion | Butz Bartolome

Today’s good business advice from Butz Bartolome. Screengrab from Negosyo at Puso ni Tito Butz.

The inspiring story of Mac and Christine Vasquez showcases their journey from working as crew members in a fast-food chain to pursuing their passion for coffee and successfully expanding their business through franchising.

Despite their backgrounds in the food industry and media, their shared love for coffee led them to embark on a new entrepreneurial venture that would ultimately transform their lives and futures. Driven by their passion and determination, Mac and Christine recognized the potential of the coffee industry and decided to explore opportunities beyond their current roles.

They began by joining pop-up stores on weekends, where they could showcase their coffee products and connect with customers. This initial step allowed them to test the market, refine their offerings, and establish a loyal customer base.

Through hard work, dedication, and a commitment to excellence, Mac and Christine’s coffee business quickly gained traction and popularity. Their focus on quality, customer service, and creating unique coffee experiences set them apart in a competitive market. Their willingness to take risks and embrace new opportunities propelled their business forward, leading to rapid growth and expansion.

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