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Philippines’ top mentor Butz Bartolome launches Usapang Business on Airmeet

The Philippines' top business mentor, Butz Bartolome, has just launched "Usapang Business" on Airmeet.

Former OFW finds income source with new fries business

Former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Abu Hussin has found a new source of income in the Philippines by setting up his own fries business.

Business Nurturing Program: Tips from Butz Bartolome

Sign up for the Business Nurturing Program and get entrepreneurial tips from Armando "Butz" Bartolome, the Philippines' top business mentor.

PODCAST: Understanding the Family Generation Syndrome, Tips from Butz Bartolome

Listen to this new podcast from the Philippines' top business mentor, Armando "Butz" Bartolome, as he shares his tips on "Understanding the Family Generation Syndrome", a situation when the children of the founder of a successful business have weak or have lost interest in continuing the enterprise.

Right Use of Your Time: Tips from Butz Bartolome

The Philippines' top business mentor shares his tips on the right use of time in his "Final Conclusion on Creating ang Implementing CHANGE".

Making Your Dream Into An Action Plan: Tips from Butz Bartolome

The Philippines' top business mentor, Armando "Butz" Bartolome, shares the following tips in his Facebook broadcast on March 8, 2021.

Tips for Students: Success can only happen if you want it

The following "Tips for Students: Success can only happen if you want it" is from the Facebook broadcast of the Philippines' top business mentor's talk to Filipino students in Pasay, Manila. 

Business Mentor: How is the Foundation of Your Business (Surviving COVID-19)

The Business Mentor shares insights from Mang Inasal's Injap Sia on how businesses can survive crises like the COVID-19.

Butz Bartolome podcast shares tips on a FallBack Plan for entrepreneurs amid Covid-19

The Business Mentor encourages entrepreneurs to have faith and be creative in the midst of crises like the Covid-19

Best Books for Beginning Entrepreneurs

In this new video by Armando "Butz" Bartolome, the Philippines' Franchise Guru recommends the best books to read to get business ideas. Answering a subscriber question about what to read as a beginning entrepreneur, Butz...

An Entrepreneur’s Goal To Innovate and Move On to the Next Level

I am very thankful for the New Year. It means having another shot at whatever we may have missed the previous year. We cannot always be on top no matter how much we put all...

Just A Minute with The Guru Series: Up close interview with Ms. Belle Prades

This interview revealed how this woman together with her husband steered their directions from Failure to SUCCESS.   Despite several challenges they were able to bounce and identified their right business. It did not stop having a...
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