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Helping Family Run Their Business | Butz Bartolome

Q: My brother-in-law requested me to help his several businesses. However, I need help managing him as he often listens to my recommendations less. What should I do?

Reasons Why People Want To Go Into Business | Butz Bartolome

There are various reasons why people want to go into business, and these reasons can differ from person to person.

Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Must Develop | Butz Bartolome

Entrepreneurship can be demanding and stressful, and entrepreneurs must develop healthy habits to help them stay balanced and focused. Here are some healthy habits that every entrepreneur should consider creating:

How to use social media relevant to business | Butz Bartolome

There are several ways that businesses can make use of social media platforms to benefit their operations:

Making Your Business a Game Changer | Butz Bartolome

Q: I have read many articles about businesses that need to be game changers. How do I do that?

What OFWs Should Prepare Before Returning Home | Butz Bartolome

I am an Overseas Filipino Worker or OFW. How do I prepare when I want to return to the Philippines?

Finding the Right Franchise For You | Butz Bartolome

More people have started to realize the need to create another source of income to get by on their everyday needs. And for some, the simplest way to start a business is through franchising.

Interested in Franchising? | Butz Bartolome

Franchising has been used by the business world for over a hundred years. In 1888, Matilda Harper laid down the foundation of business format franchising without even knowing that indeed she started a “ gold rush” so to speak among business entrepreneurs.

Can Franchising Be Beneficial to An Overseas Filipino Worker? | Butz Bartolome

Exactly three decades ago, I was exposed to the world of being an Overseas Contract Worker (OCW). At that time, short for any terminology, all Filipinos leaving the country under a contract were known by those three letters. It was during this experience that I realized what our fellow Filipinos were exposed to.

Tips on How To Strategically Boost Your Business Effortlessly | Butz Bartolome

So many entrepreneurs may have lost hope in resurrecting their businesses. And I can’t blame them for feeling that way because the whole world was hit pretty hard by the pandemic. The good thing is, that we are slowly gaining traction as the government eased up on the quarantine classification in each city. However, not all entrepreneurs may be as enthusiastic because of their significant loss in business.

Strengthening Entrepreneurial Skills To Reduce Unemployment | Butz Bartolome

We all dream of elevating the kind of life we used to have. Improving the quality of living for our family is our primary goal. The only way that this could be possible is when we put both our heart and mind into something that will eventually flourish into something positive.

Why You Need to Start Investing Now | Butz Bartolome

How do you make use of your hard-earned money?
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