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Practical Tips for a Philippine MSME | Butz Bartolome

Here are a few practical tips that a Philippine MSME can consider to scale up and expand globally:

4 Appraisal Methods to Sell Your Business | Butz Bartolome

How Should I appraise the value if I want to sell my business?

6 Ways to Handle Hard Decisions | Butz Bartolome

Handling hard decisions is an essential part of being an entrepreneur. Here are some ways an entrepreneur can make making hard decisions:

I retired and feel bored. What should I do? | Butz Bartolome

Q: I retired and feel bored. What should I do?

How to Stay Positive in Challenges | Butz Bartolome

How not to quit when things become challenging:

Social Media for Your Startup Business | Butz Bartolome

Q: Hi Franguru! I’d like your advice on handling Social Media for my startup business. Should I have to boost, and in what platforms do I get into?

Tips for MSMEs on Rising Above Challenges | Butz Bartolome

Here are some Business Mentor tips for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises:

Tips on Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition | Butz Bartolome

Here are 8 Tips on Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition:

DIY Franchise Business | Butz Bartolome

I started franchising my business as a Do It Yourself project after two years of experience from my previous employer, who franchised his business. However, I begin to see some flaws beyond my exposure.

How to create a Brand Story | Butz Bartolome

To create a brand story, you should:

Beliefs and Practices of People When Opening a Business | Butz Bartolome

In many cultures, including Chinese culture, there are a number of beliefs and practices that people follow when opening a new business.

8 Basic Business Habits of Chinese We Can Learn | Butz Bartolome

The Chinese business culture is known for its strong emphasis on relationships, hard work, and perseverance. Here are a few basic business habits of Chinese people that others can learn from:
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