Good News Pilipinas showcases BaraBara font to support It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign, the go-to site for news and information about the good in Filipinos and the Philippines, on March 20 modified the website’s headline font into the BaraBara font created by the Department of Tourism (DOT) for the refreshed It’s More Fun in the Philippines campaign.

The DOT’s BaraBara font was inspired by the Pinoy signages made by Filipino sign-painters for the iconic Philippine jeepney and sari-sari stores that are seen around the Philippines.

The tourism department’s refreshed #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines campaign launched in February asks travelers in the country to use the BaraBara font on travel photos and videos to celebrate and empower the sign-painters of the Philippines.

Good News Pilipinas has been covering stories about the Philippines since 2006 as an advocacy of Filipino media personalities to put more good news in the media.

With reports from Marclee Agustin

You too can use the BaraBara font on your online content, download here and give us the link to your site or photos in the comments below!

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The Good News Pilipinas Team is a group of Filipino journalists who advocate putting more good news stories about the Philippines and Filipinos on the media.