Google Doodle honors Josefa Llanes Escoda, Filipina rights advocate on her 120th birth anniversary

Internet company Google is honoring Josefa Llanes Escoda with a Doodle on September 20, the 120th birth anniversary of the women’s and children’s rights worker.

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The Google Doodle appears on the popular search engine’s browser in the Philippines showing the likeness of Escoda along with four girls wearing the trademark neckerchiefs of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, an organization she founded in 1940.

Google Philippines tweeted about the new Doodle as their tribute to Escoda’s “contribution in upholding women’s rights and preparing our children for a responsible future.”

Google Doodle also released a YouTube video about Escoda detailing why the honor is being given.

The Doodle Video about Josefa Llanes Escoda describes the Filipina as a war heroine, great civic leader, and social worker who was born on September 20, 1898 in Dingras, Philippines.

Google Doodles have been seen online also to commemorate the Philippine Independence Day for the last nine years.
Escoda is known to be a strong advocate for female rights to vote in political elections and extended her work to include voting rights for all citizens.

The Philippines has honored Escoda and has designed the 1000 peso bill with her image, along with structures and monuments to her memory.

The Girl Scouts of the Philippines honors their founder’s birthday with continuing acts of service. The GSP has also acknowledged the Josefa Llanes Escoda Google Doodle on their social media.
Watch the Google Doodle Video here:

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