Homegrown fast food Binalot shows Pinoy resiliency amid new normal

Fast Food Binalot Pinoy Resilience
Binalot has chosen to adjust to the situation from the very start of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Homegrown Filipino Fast food Binalot is showing its characteristic Pinoy resilience amid the challenges of the new normal in business brought on by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Binalot noted how the public health emergency particularly affected the restaurant industry as it completely redefined how we order our food, have it packaged and delivered, and even the way we dine out, if ever.

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Various community quarantine guidelines have been implemented by the Inter-Agency Task Force related to safety and health protocols during the past four months. And everybody has to comply, for this is the new normal.

Many restaurants had to either close down during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) period or gradually open with many restrictions and limitations during Modified ECQ and General Community Quarantine periods.

And with a fixed overhead cost to be financed by reduced revenues from dine-in and deliveries, it sure was a very difficult time for the restaurant industry.

Binalot is resilient and had immediately adjusted its operations in order to adapt to the new normal.

  • Binalot provided shuttle services for its crew for them to avoid riding public transport which squeezes many passengers together and thus increases the risk of Covid infection.
  • At the stores, the operations crew thoroughly sanitize it before operations so that the virus may be eliminated at the start of the day.
  • Impermeable plastic barriers have been set up at the counters to protect both crew and customers from any droplets, both of whom are required to have face masks.
  • Proper distancing of tables and chairs have been arranged to adhere to social distancing protocols.
  • Binalot has also made its menu available via Grabfood and Lalafood.

Binalot has chosen to adjust to the situation from the very start. Even during ECQ, Binalot has maintained some outlets open to focus on the delivery of meal pledges for the medical and non-medical frontliners.

“We acknowledge that as of this moment, the Covid crisis does not show a clear end in sight”, says Binalot CEO Rommel Juan.

“Binalot decided early on that for the sake of its employees and loyal customers, it will adapt to survive and succeed in living with the pandemic for so long as it is necessary. We need to learn to live with it until a vaccine is found. And we fervently hope it is going to be sooner than later,” added Juan.

Binalot had also expanded in UAE and other Asian markets.

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