How Claveria lives up to its name as Coastal Paradise of the North

Widely acknowledged as the Coastal Paradise of the North, the municipality of Claveria in Cagayan at the northwestern tip of Luzon Island offers various interesting top-notch tourist spots for the world traveler.

Claveria is tagged as Region 2’s major tourism destination with its unspoiled beaches and rivers that offer long walks with beautiful sights. Its waters bring up bountiful and varied seafood for those who seek the fresh catch of the day.

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The natural rock formations off the coast of Claveria can make you teary-eyed not just because of their beauty but also because of the Lakay-lakay legend that tells of the stones actually formerly that of a small fishing family who lost their son to the seas because of a mistake, and that they now stand as protectors of other fishers.

The town’s forests are lush homes to a myriad of migrant and local birds, and the town was readily offered a bird watching area.

In 2017, the town built a new coastal road linking the fish port to the tourism inns, hostels and the town center to give quicker access for visitors.


One of the 12 municipalities along the Babuyan channel, this coastal municipality offers a 13.16-kilometer stretch of coastline, with 14 coastal barangays out of its 41 barangays.

To protect its coastline and prime fishing ground, the Claveria government it has instituted strong support and mechanisms to guard against illegal fishing.

The PNA report cites the town’s mangrove reforestation, formation of fisherfolk associations, provision of alternative livelihood to ease fishing pressure, policy and institutional strengthening, biodiversity conservation and improvement of social and environmental service and facilities, as determinant to its being picked as Regional Winner to the Search for Outstanding Fishing Community “Malinis At Masaganang Karagatan 2017.”

To support the thriving tourism industry, the Claveria municipality has put in place a strong waste management mechanism in its Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan ‎‎2016-2025, even before the municipality was adjudged as one of the “Cleanest and Greenest” towns.

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