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Cagayan’s Callao Cave of Homo Luzonensis discovery declared Important Cultural Property meriting preservation

Callao Cave in Peñablanca, Cagayan, where the scientific discovery of the Homo Luzonensis was made, has been declared an Important Cultural Property (ICP) that merits national preservation efforts.

5 Must-See Philippine Festivals in June

The "Fiesta Month" of May is over yet the celebration continues in different parts of the country. Fun-loving Filipinos manage to always find reasons to showcase its culture and traditions. Fiestas and festivals in the...

Lighthouse Cooperative: Beacon of Hope Shines In Cagayan

For Lighthouse Cooperative, putting Christian values at the center of its organizational philosophy has mobilized resources and people in a manner that cannot be replicated by enterprises that exist solely for the pursuit of profit.

Faye Tangonan crowned Ms. Universe International in Las Vegas

Mrs. Philippines Earth Faye Tangonan has been crowned Ms. Universe International at the Ms./Mrs. Earth pageant held in June at Las Vegas.

How Claveria lives up to its name as Coastal Paradise of the North

Widely acknowledged as the Coastal Paradise of the North, the municipality of Claveria in Cagayan at the northwestern tip of Luzon Island offers various interesting top-notch tourist spots for the world traveler. Claveria is tagged...

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