How to be rich in the Philippines!


Do you think you can be successful in the Philippines?

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Do you think you can become rich in the Philippines?

A lot of Filipinos don’t believe this is possible. However, there is one man who thinks very differently. That man is Dr. Cris Enriquez, CEO of the Rapha Health Institute and the

Bestselling Author of “Filipinos are Rich: They just don’t know about it”.

Watch this 2-minute video to find out.

The clip is taken from a 30min interview I did with Dr. Cris as part of the #ASKMIKELIVE series.

You can watch the full video here

To get in touch with Dr. Cris, please visit his website at
or email him at

Watch this video and be inspired!

This inspirational video is lifted with permission from Mike Grogan. For comments, suggestions and reactions, contact Mike

(Mike Grogan is an international speaker and best-selling author who believes in the Genius of the Pinoy. As a leadership coach, Irish native Mike has traveled to 39 countries around the world but he believes that there is something very special about the Filipino. Today he works as a consultant for People Dynamics, where he travels across the Philippines inspiring, empowering and motivating Pinoys every week to become World-Class and believe in the Filipino Dream.)

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