How to Cope with Covid-19 Crisis

How to Cope with Covid-19 Crisis
Trixie Esguerra of Positivitrix went on Facebook Live for 30 episodes co-presented by Good News Pilipinas TV. Image from Positivitrix.

It has been more than a month since the lockdown and we continue to cope with the Covid-19 crisis in different ways. Day by day, we safeguard our physical, mental & emotional health. A lot of times, we extend help to others, and more often than not, we ourselves, seek out help, as well.

What can we do during this whole ECQ?
How can we earn and how do we learn?
Where can we get information that will make us understand our situation better?
Which online materials will give us hope as we battle this crisis?
Why should we stay positive when we see the whole world is suffering?

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When President Duterte made the announcement on the community quarantine, the Universe told me loud and strong to do 30 days of Live episodes that will help us cope with this crisis and the trauma we are all experiencing.

One that shall raise our vibration, pull each other up and make ourselves productive while staying at home.

So without concrete plans just yet, I bravely announced my commitment, slowly built the programme and invited guests along the way. Midway, came in as my co-presenter.

This then became an 8 pm habit for some. And it’s not yet too late if you make it yours, too.

You reading this now is no accident, my friend. You are here because one, two, or a few episodes are meant for you to watch.

They are meant to give you clarity.
Meant to ignite something in you.
Meant to be produced for you.

Click HERE to get access to the FREE 30 LIVE episodes of Positivitrix, your Tips and Tricks to Keep you Positive!

Some of the topics discussed were:

5 Different Mindsets to Get us through this War with Cathy Sanchez Babao

How to Manage and Survive during a Brand Crisis with Amor Maclang and Brad Geiser

Online Jobs and Tools for Everyone with LJ Jose

Lessons from COVID-19 Survivor from Berlin, Kelly Abagat

What is this Crisis Teaching Us with Michele Gumabao

The Law & Best Practices on Work from Home with Atty. Pol Sangalang

Nurse Archie Goes Viral

NLP Session for Protection with Jojo Apolo

30 Days of Gratefulness with David Abrenilla

How to Stay Calm, Happy & Productive During ECQ

And many more!

Make Positivitrix your daily habit!
One video a day will surely boost your immune system.

P.S. If you feel anxious, afraid, or demotivated, and those videos are not enough, I would be happy to invite you to my Raise Your Vibe Online Vision Board Workshop happening soon!

This is what I do best and I am confident that this will make you feel a lot better! Leave me a message to save your seat! Or e-mail me at

Positivitrix: Leave me a message

Trixie Esguerra is the Philippines’ Vision Board Coach and anchors Good News Pilipinas TV. She has been featured on Philippine television and also recently interviewed Bergen Country, New Jersey’s youngest basketball trainer, Ryan Ang. Her Positivitrix vlogs on YouTube are inspiring videos recommended for viewing at this time of quarantine.

TELL US in the comments below which is your favorite episode of Positivitrix Trixie Esguerra’s FB Live videos during this COVID-19 pandemic!

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