How to Experience the Philippines through the lives of heroic Filipinos

Not all HEROES wear capes and can fly. So goes the motto of the “less-touristy” road trip offered by Experience Philippines.

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The travel group that specializes in “Mystery Road Trips” is offering a unique road trip to travelers who are interested in being immersed in the lives of farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, and artists.

In “Hero Road Trips” travel specialist Experience Philippines takes visitors into a discovery of the lives of those who till the land and harvest the seas to provide food for people, and into communities of craftsmen and artists who enrich local culture.

Travelers eat, drink, and rest while discovering the lives of these silent Filipino heroes who in their own ways keep the country running.

Visitors are also given opportunities to help contribute positively to the environment by planting trees as they trek and visit Filipino locals.

The group also reveals that 60% of the travel fee goes to the local communities visited during the trip.
Experience Philippines has also lined up other unique mystery road trips where the actual destination is secret and the activities are a surprise.

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