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How to Make Sure Your Furry Friends are Comfortable this New Year’s Eve

Filipinos literally welcome the New Year with a bang. What started as a belief that fireworks would ward off evil spirits eventually became a tradition that families look forward to. Firecrackers and other fireworks are bestsellers during this season, but while this may be fun for humans, did you know the loud explosions are traumatizing to pets and give them a lot of stress?

“We wanted a total ban on firecrackers not only because ear-splitting sounds from firecrackers can cause a lot of stress for dogs and cats but because of the air pollution they cause,” Anna Cabrera, director of The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), tells ABS-CBN.

She further elaborated that “the loud noise and the smell of exploding firecrackers may result in disorientation, loss of appetite, and an upset stomach for our furry friends.”

Here are some tips to make sure our furry friends are comfortable this coming New Year’s Eve.

  1. Keep your pets inside your home. The closer they are to you, the safer they will feel. Never chain or tie them up because this will only add to their stress.
  2. Give your pet a nice, long walk in the morning so they are tired at night and will hopefully be asleep by the time we welcome the New Year.
  3. Place your pet in a comfortable room with closed windows so the smoke won’t be able to enter. Make sure they have access to their drinking bowl.
  4. Play calming music or turn on the TV. This will help neutralize all the noise coming from outside.
  5. Put a calming wrap or an anxiety vest on your pet to make them feel safe.
  6. If you have a room and the heart to help, do open your home to wandering animals even just on New Year’s Eve. They will surely feel safer with you than out on the streets.

During media noche, please be mindful of holiday treats that are harmful to your pets. Chocolates, nuts and fruit cake may be yummy but a big no-no for our furry friends.

With that, may you and your pet enjoy New Year’s Eve and have a happy 2018!

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