Job interview tips for Filipino new graduates


Out of the university gates and into the real world, you’re now ready to test the skills that you’ve honed through years of schooling, and apply them to your career of choice.

Equipped with fresh knowledge, passion and eagerness to succeed, you’re now ready to compete and make a name for yourself in your field of work. But before you begin your life’s journey in the corporate world, you must first pass the initial interview.

For fresh grads, a job interview is always a daunting task to handle. That is why is here to give you simple tips on how you can turn your first job interview into a long lasting good impression that would in turn land you a great job.

Before the Interview

The battle begins before the interview itself. What you do before is just as important as what you’ll be doing during the interview. So before you go out and meet your future boss, be sure to follow these tips to get yourself ready.

  1. Build a strong Resume

    Being a fresh grad, you will be judged based on two things; your character and your achievements. To kill two birds with one stone, make a resume that highlights both. The first thing they see when you send your job application is your resume, so it must be convincing enough to land you the job interview. Also, you should be able to back up whatever it is you put in paper. A good technique when it comes to talking about your resume’s content is to recount anecdotes. Instead of just repeating what’s on paper, tell them the stories behind it. Instead of just saying “Well I have a master’s degree in literature….” You could start off with, “Literature has always been a passion of mine. The way words are put together to…” Be creative.

  2. Research

    Do your research on the company and position you’re applying for. This does not only give you an opportunity to see if you’re fit for the job and corporation, but it also signifies that you’re a person who takes work seriously and comes prepared. When asked questions about yourself and what you can offer, relate your answers to what the company currently needs and what you can do, given the position you’re applying for.

  3. Practice

    Practice makes perfect. Some say no one can reach perfection, but they probably just didn’t practice enough. So keep practicing. Study questions that commonly come up in interviews. Rappler recently published an article that answers your 10 common job interview questions. Again, do your research and find out questions that might come up, that’s related to the company or the job you wish to have.

  4. Plan your travel

    This is not a class for a minor subject in which you could arrive five minutes late. Arriving late for an interview is a deadly sin. So plan your travel time. Don’t just measure the distance from where you are and where you need to go. Take into account the time and day and whether traffic would be good or bad. Know exactly where you need to go and how to get there

  5. Dress well

    Choose the type of outfit that would best suit the position you’re vying for. Remember, first impression lasts. So trim those finger nails, take a shower, get a haircut and find yourself some fresh apparel fit for the corporate world. It’s also your chance to show a bit of style and creativity.

At the Interview

This is it. Half of the battle has already been fought. You’re well-dressed, you got yourself a good resume and you’ve done your research. You’re now ready for the main event. The following tips will now guide you through the interview itself.

  1. Keep calm

    An interview is basically just a conversation. Keep yourself cool and calm at all times and let the interview run its course. If you followed the tips before this one, you wouldn’t have trouble following this. Just remember to breathe, listen and think. Think of it as just a normal conversation. Because that’s what it is.

  2. Be confident

    Project confidence in all the things you do during the interview. Before the interviewer believes that you’re fit for the job, you must first believe in yourself. Be confident with your answers and the way you speak. But of course, there’s a fine line between confidence and being cocky so be careful. Be confident with what you say but be sure to back it up.

  3. Focus on your strength and potential

    Being a fresh grad, you don’t have much to offer in terms of experience. So focus instead on your strengths and your willingness to learn more. Project a sense of eagerness to learn. Show them that what you lack in experience, you make up for in effort.

  4. Ask Questions

    One thing you should not shy away from is asking good questions. Of course you can’t just ask any question. Questions like, “What’s the company culture like?” and “Can you tell me more details about the nature of my work?” Asking these kinds of questions send the message that 1, you’re confident that you’ll get the job, and 2, you are willing to learn more and adjust to what is needed of you.

After the Interview

Your interview is now over. You’ve shaken their hands and bid farewell. While waiting for the outcome, follow this last tip to leave a final positive remark.

  1. Write a thank you email.

    Take time to thank them for the interview. It shows that you’re a person with good etiquette and also asserts your interest in the position. You may also address concerns you weren’t able to bring up during the interview. And if ever you’re not fit for the job, being polite and showing gratitude might lead to new opportunities along the road.

Each job interview is different from one another. Use these tips as your guide but also learn to adjust to new situations. We hope these tips bring good news to all our fresh grads out there looking for career opportunities. To those who would be landing their dream jobs, congratulations!

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