Johnkimverlu Tupas joins popular NETFLIX Japanese reality show ‘Terrace House’

Johnkimverlu Tupas Terrace House
Personal assistant Johnkimverlu Tupas stepped in as Terrace House cast member in Japan and gained Pinoy netizens’ and the world’s attention. Photo from Kimverlu Tupas Facebook.

Filipino personal assistant Johnkimverlu Tupas, now a reality show contestant, has been hitting the headlines after joining Japan’s popular reality show, ‘Terrace House’.

The 22-year-old Tupas stepped in as cast member of the reality TV show dubbed as” Asia’s Big Brother”.

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Terrace House, a TV show available on Netflix, involves 6 strangers moving in together. In the 5-part reality series, the cast members go on with their daily jobs but get to interact with other cast members after work. They can also decide to move out. Once a cast member decides to leave, another person of the same gender will move in as his or her replacement.

The Pinoy reality show contestant has been catching the attention of Pinoy netizens also because of his name, which is similar to a word in Filipino gay lingo.

Many Filipinos have been a source of pride to the county by making names abroad after joining reality shows, among the more recent winners, UK-based Lee Johnson who won the BBC Reality Show “My Million Pound Menu”, and 11-year-old Angelica Hale who won her second Golden Buzzer in America’s Got Talent.

Boholana singer Hannah Precillas is currently competing and has made it to the Top 6 of the D’Academy 5 in Indonesia.

CATCH Johnkimverlu Tupas on the reality TV show Terrace House and SEND cheers to Filipino cast member who is making a name on the global scene through the streaming site, Netflix.

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