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“Kain Na!” a visual illustrated book feast of Filipino cuisine

Kain Na Filipino feast
The first illustrated book about the Philippines’ diverse food offerings, written by Felice Prudente Sta. Maria (R) and Bryan Koh (C) with illustrations by Mariel Ylagan Garcia (L), is now available online. Credits to RPD Publications

“Kain Na (Let’s Eat)!”, the first illustrated book guide to Filipino food, is a visual feast of regional flavors.

The Filipino food guide, written by veteran culinary historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria and Singaporean cookbook aficionado Bryan Koh, with illustrations by watercolor and oil painting artist Mariel Ylagan Garcia, was recently launched by RPD Publications with support from the Asia Society Philippine Foundation Inc.

“Kain Na!” is described as a book that “explores the diverse variety of cookery and dining essentials spanning different regions of the country.”

The illustrated Filipino food guide has 12 chapters of in-depth views into the Filipino food from the regions with a short explainer about the section and accompanied by hand-painted illustrations.

The chapters delved into a diverse cross-section of Filipino food for breakfast and snacks, from home cooking to street food to festival favorites, from bar chow to desserts, beverages, rice treats, bakery finds, sauces, and ingredients that make the flavor of Filipino cuisine so very unique.

ain Na! starts shipping in September 2019. Credits to The Kitchen Bookstore.

The book writers shared the backstory of “Kain Na!” and what it hopes to achieve, saying, “Filipino food plays a critical role in the foundation and imminent education of Philippine history. While there are many well-known dishes beloved by the populace, little is known beyond the usual favorites like Adóbo, Sinigáng, Lechón.”

“Kain Na!” was launched non-profit Asia Society on August 31 and starts shipping this September to the Philippine market and globally online through Anahaw Books and The Kitchen Bookstore.

Asia Society has been known to honor young leaders from the Philippines with its Asia Society 21 program.

The book release coincides with the Philippines’ new campaign focusing on culinary offerings of the country with “Eats More Fun in the Philippines” featuring celebrity chefs JP Anglo and Jordan Andino, with Filipino celebrity YouTuber Mikey Bustos.

SEND cheers in the comments below to the “Kain Na!” team for showcasing gastronomic delights from the Philippines!

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