Manila Science High School alumni encourage new students to future proof their careers

Atty. Kristine Audrey J. Cabebe delivers a talk to MaSci SHS students. Credits MSHS via Seymour Barros Sanchez.

Manila Science High School (MaSci) Batch 1994 alumni went back to school to share insights with the senior high school students about their university studies and career paths.

Four MaSci alumni talked to the gathered students during the 3rd Career Fair at the school quadrangle held during the Science Month Celebration of its Senior High School Department.

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The four MaSci Batch 1994 alumni who delivered career talks were:

  1. Dr. Charissa Gonzales, obstetrician¬gynecologist, Perpetual Succor Hospital
  2. Atty. Kristine Audrey J. Cabebe, Assistant City Prosecutor-Manila, Department of Justice
  3. Judee R. Quiazon, Executive Director for Taguig Region, BNI Philippines
  4. Kristine Bo-o, Supply Chain Manager, Mundipharma Distribution GmbH Philippine Branch

“The four speakers motivated and inspired their fellow MaScians from their experiences. They also shared highlights of their stay in Masci that helped them excel in college. The activity showed how Batch 1994 sustained the tradition of excellence on the arenas that they are now part of,” event co-organizer Jonas Feliciano Domingo said in an blog post written by Seymour Sanchez.

Atty. Cabebe said that “it was a wonderful experience to have been given the opportunity to impart ideas to the young ones as to what kind of life awaits them beyond the grounds of MaSci and to open their eyes to options in pursuing higher education.”

“I had the pleasurable experience of even interacting with batchmates who I was not even able to speak with during my student days and finding out that they are successful as well in their chosen endeavors,” the lawyer added.

Dr. Charissa Gonzales delivers a talk at the MSHS Career Fair. Credits MSHS via Seymour Barros Sanchez.

Quiazon encouraged the students to keep going, saying, “because some students might be feeling depressed because they can’t decide on which path to pursue or are simply clueless of what they really want in life. It’s okay. Whatever card you are dealt with, give it your best. Learn from it. Enjoy it.”

“MaSci isn’t purely academics. It helps strengthen your character and deepen your values. It is a good training ground regardless of which career path you choose to take,” the businesswoman shared.

Bo-o revealed that she will always be grateful to MaSci for helping her reach her goals. “It was surreal to be back after 25 years. A lot has changed, but the school spirit remains,” she said.

“I am proud to meet the new breed of students who will shape our country’s future. I am confident that MaSci has equipped them for college life. I hope they’ll also return to MaSci and inspire future students,” added Bo-o, who went on to graduate with a BS Industrial Engineering degree from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

MSHS Principal Maria Eva Nacion with Batch 1994 alumni Judee R. Quiazon, Atty. Kristine Audrey J. Cabebe and Kristine Bo-o. Credits MSHS via Seymour Barros Sanchez.

According to Science teacher and Career Fair organizer Elizabeth L. Marasigan and co-organizer Domingo, the Career Fair is intended as a means to introduce MSHS alumni and their corresponding fields of expertise to the current Grade 12 students so they can learn from actual experiences of their fellow MaScians which helped them succeed in their academics and chosen professions.

MSHS Principal Maria Eva Nacion thanked the alumni for their efforts, which she said are worthy to be emulated. “The real experiences you shared will surely help our students be prepared in college life and in their future career,” she concluded.

Manila Science High School will have its Grand Alumni Homecoming on October 12, 2019.

Filipino students from science high schools have been acknowledged worldwide as leaders in academic excellence, among them, a Philippine Science High School (PSHS) and Wharton University graduate, PSHS Tacloban students who won at the Lego Robotics Festival in Romania, and Quezon City Science High School award-winning inventors.

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