Manila soars 48 notches in Top 500 Most Innovative Cities in the World

Top 500 Most Innovative Cities
The Manila City Capitol Building and the Kartilya ng Katipunan monument during the 2019 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Credits to MPIO. Credits to MPIO.

The City of Manila soared 48 notches in the Top 500 Most Innovative Cities of the World released in November.

The Philippines’ historical capital city now registers a Global Rank at 239th, improving on its 2018 ranking at 287th among the world’s cities that offer the best conditions for innovation.

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Manila’s regional ranking is at 38th spot among 108 leading cities in Asia in the 12th annual edition of the world’s largest global city ranking with 500 benchmark cities classified and ranked.

The Innovation Cities™ Index 2019 ranked Manila using 162 indicators that measure a city’s networked markets, human infrastructure, and cultural assets.

Manila was classified by the 2thinknow’s metrics as a “Node” city with “a strong performance across many innovation segments, with key imbalances or issues.”

Manila’s new administration led by Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso has welcomed innovation in city planning, among them, collaborating with the University of the Philippines to help Manila develop into a disaster-resilient city and exploring the anti-flooding programs of Singapore and the United States.

Manila has also improved its Safest City World Ranking by 12 notches.

The historical city of Manila has also moved to preserve and protect its landmarks such as the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex and the Jones Bridge.

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