Marc Bryan Dula, Trump Christian Luistro lead Team Philippines to 21 gold medal haul in Phuket Swimming competition in Thailand

Philippine Swimming League

Philippine Swimming League (PSL) tankers Marc Bryan Dula and Trump Christian Luistro led the country’s medal haul with 21 gold, 7 silver, and 4 bronze medal finishes at the 2019 Thanyapura Invitational Swim Meet held in Phuket, Thailand.

PSL, which earlier this year shined in the Beijing swim meet, brought the team to Phuket where both Dula and Luistro swept their respective division golds during the 3-day international swimming competition.

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All five PSL team members contributed gold, silver, and bronze medals to the Philippine haul.

Marc Bryan Dula from Masville Elementary School-Parañaque won gold in the Boys’ 11-12 division:

  1. 50m backstroke (32.54)
  2. 100m butterfly (1:09.57)
  3. 100m freestyle (1:05.07)
  4. 50m butterfly (30.67)
  5. 100m backstroke (1:13.40)
  6. 50m freestyle (29.34)
  7. 200m Individual Medley (2:35.71)

Trump Christian Luistro from Hope Christian School-Legazpi scored his gold medals in the Boys’ 9-10 division:

  1. 50m backstroke (38.30)
  2. 200m freestyle (2:34.39)
  3. 50m butterfly (33.85)
  4. 100m freestyle (1:10.18)
  5. 50m breaststroke (43.52)
  6. 50m freestyle (31.55)
  7. 100m breaststroke (38.85)

Mary Maika Montecillo from Dipolog Pilot Demonstration School won 5 gold medals in the Girls’ 9-10 group:

  1. 100m backstroke (1:24.04)
  2. 100m butterfly (34.23)
  3. 100m freestyle (1:11.53)
  4. 50m backstroke (38.83)
  5. 100m butterfly (1:17.42)

Montecillo finished with a silver in the 50m freestyle (32.55).

Albert Sermonia II from Diliman Preparatory School won 2 gold in the Boys’ 13-14 category:

  1. 100m butterfly (1:07.25)
  2. 50m butterfly (29.04)

Sermonia won the bronze in:

  1. 100m freestyle (1:00.02)
  2. 50m breaststroke (34.80)
  3. 50m freestyle (27.70)

Jenn Albreicht Sermonia from Diliman Preparatory School contributed 4 silver medals in the Girls’ 9-10 group:

  1. 100m backstroke (1:26.85)
  2. 100m butterfly (34.50)
  3. 50m breaststroke (44.71)
  4. 100m breaststroke (1:35.65)

Jenn Sermonia won bronze in the 50m backstroke (39.96).

The young Filipino swimmers competed among 600 swimmers from 22 teams in Asia.

“It’s mission accomplished for us since we are just looking to win at least 10 gold medals. But we have surpassed our goal and we will be going home with 21 gold medals. This is a combined effort to ensure that our athletes are in best shape before going to competitions,” said PSL delegation head coach Alex Papa in a Manila Times report about the Thayanpura competition results.

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