Meet Elijvh: Fil-Am artist bringing Pinoy culture-inspired hip hop music

Elijvh Elijah Daniel Perkins
Elijvh started making music when he was 12 years old and pursued music professionally with full support from his family. Photo from Elijvh.

Meet “Elijvh”, also known as Elijah Daniel Perkins, a Filipino-American artist who is bringing Pinoy culture-inspired hip-hop music to the world.

Elijah Perkins, who came from a family of musicians, was born and raised in Roadside, California to a Filipino mother named Inocencia Bucog, a native of Loboc, Bohol, and Danny Perkins, his African-American father who inspired the young Elijah’s love for music by asking him to sing in their home studio.

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The Fil-Am artist is proudly representing his Pinoy roots as he produces songs with a mixture of hip-hop, r&b, acid-jazz, and OPM style.

The music artist announced on his Facebook page that he will be releasing a song on July 10, 2020, called “Pitfalls” which blends Filipino folk music with R&B elements.

“I wanted this record to combine both my proud African American & Filipino heritage which is blending two distinct characteristics of Filipino folk music called Bandurria with real soulful R&B elements from the 70s,” said Elijvh in his FB post.

In his interview with Goodnewspilipinas on July 8, 2020, Elijvh shared that he is planning on releasing 1 song a week and collaborating with artists all over the world — including talented Pinoy artists. He has an upcoming duet with Hazel Faith and is also working with a young rapper out of Cebu named Trev.

“I’m also working hard with my team to release a very ambitious music video for my song ‘Unforgiven’. The music video itself is even being edited by a very talented young videographer named Christian Naparota based in my mother’s province of Bohol, Philippines!” Elijvh adds.

Elijvh’s inspiration for his upcoming song “Pitfalls” blends Filipino music with R&B elements from 1970’s. Photo from Elijvh’s FB.

The Fil-Am musician also says that Filipino music has been a huge part of his music style with Gary V as one of his influences since his childhood days.

“First and foremost – Gary V. is an absolute legend in Filipino music. I grew up admiring his stage presence as a kid and loved his OPM songs when my Titas would watch him on ABS-CBN years ago. I think I might’ve picked up a little
charm from him as I grew into my own artistry. Hopefully, we can meet one day,” Elijvh shares.

“I’m an artist who’s very open with combining actual sounds of the Philippines’ past as well as sounds from the USA and other countries. So I can humbly say my style and aesthetic is very unique because I try not to chase any trends,” said Elijvh.

The hip hop artist has also performed countless times in the country with local Filipino artists such as Gracenote, Better Days, Bohol’s Sigswank, Amabi & Combo Panda, April Remolador, Route 83, and Childlike Wonder.

Elijvh says he spent his quarantine time working on his songs with talented Pinoys while maintaining his connection with his growing fans on social media.

Although Elijvh is still working on his Tagalog songs, he is listening to VST & Company and interviewing his folks in Bohol for inspiration.

“It’s still a work in progress! When it comes to the creative process of my songs, I usually like spending time working on a concept and sound slowly. So I’ll usually interview people (in this case close Kababayan) to inspire my lyrics.

“When it comes to my song’s production, I usually search many different sounds on Youtube or listen to vinyl records in my house for inspiration. You might catch me listening to VST & Company if you’re around me inside my studio!”


The proud Pinoy aims to work his way up in Hollywood and proudly represent Filipinos on a level unseen before and take the Philippines’ sound onto a global scale.

When asked why he is a proud Filipino, Elijvh had this to say, “Simple. Being a Filipino is an honor and blessing to me. I love our people, the culture, music, everything! I thank God for creating such a beautiful country.”

“I want to create my own unique ‘musical identity’ that even people outside of the Philippines can come to admire. So, my goal will always be — Take our Philippines sound onto a global scale,” Elijvh declares.

Anywhere in the world, we can find Filipinos who are extremely passionate about promoting our culture, like Hollywood’s top comedian Jo Koy showcasing his Filipino heritage on his new Netflix show, “In His Elements”.

The internationally-acclaimed Bayanihan Dance Company also recently marked its milestone 62nd debut anniversary with a tribute to the Filipino spirit.

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