Nadine Lustre’s Josie Rizal cosplay look amazes TEKKEN game director

Nadine Lustre TEKKEN Josie Rizal
‘Queen of Cool’ Nadine Lustre in a stunning cosplay look of Filipino TEKKEN character ‘Josie Rizal.’ Photo from Andrei Suleik’s Instagram and TEKKEN website.

Filipina actress Nadine Lustre has pulled off the look of Filipino TEKKEN fighter ‘Josie Rizal’ and managed to amaze the Japanese game’s director.

The Filipina model recently dressed up as the one and only Filipino character in the globally popular Japanese game series. The post by photographer Andrei Suleik on his Instagram on November 1, 2020, went viral on social media, reaching the game director himself.

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H&M’s 1st Filipina ambassador stunningly captured the perfect look of TEKKEN 7’s Josie Rizal, inspired by Filipino national hero Jose Rizal, from the smallest to the biggest detail of the outfit.

Katsuhiro Harada, the Game Director/Chief Producer of TEKKEN for the past 26 years, reposted a tweet that shows Lustre’s cosplay look alongside a portrait shot of ‘Josie Rizal’ with a reaction comment that says, “PERFECT.”

Lustre’s portrayal perfectly resembles the look of TEKKEN 7’s Pinay champion with beautiful tanned skin, a sun-shaped necklace, gladiator shoes, her short hair topped by a red ribbon, a yellow top inspired by the female version of the “Barong Tagalog,”  and a blue skirt with red and white accents – all colors of the Philippine flag.

Introduced in the fighting game developed by the Japanese developer and publisher Bandai Namco in 2015, the character of ‘Josie Rizal’ with kickboxing fighting style, is still on the official list of TEKKEN fighters.

Australian celebrity Dwaine Woolley has also recently created an adventure board game that features legendary heroes and beasts of Filipino folklore.

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