National Artist Arturo Luz inspires new print font

National artist Arturo Luz
Arturo Typeface created by John Misael Villanueva is inspired from the works of National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo Luz. Credits to John Misael Villanueva.

A new font inspired by Filipino National Artist for Visual Arts, Arturo Luz, has been released to the public for free.

The Arturo Typeface, designed by graphics artist John Misael Villanueva, is now available online for download.

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Villanueva, of We The South PH, posted photos on social media featuring the newly-created Arturo Typeface inspired by the Black Forms on White Space artwork of Arturo Luz and received positive reactions from the netizens.

“I just want to contribute lang sa type community. And to raise awareness then about our national artists’ works,” Villanueva shared to Good News Pilipinas when asked about his new font design.

“I wanted to make a typeface series featuring our national artists, inuna ko lang si Sir Arturo Luz,” said the Filipino graphics artist about his project.

Arturo Rogerio Luz was declared a National Artist for Visual Arts in 1997. The painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer and is known for his works with varying degrees of abstraction and geometric figures.

Among Luz’ famous works include the paintings “Grey Performance”, “Performing Quartet”, “Cyclists and Acrobats” and the “Modula 2” which was sculpted from Molave wood.

Inspired by Arturo Luz’ artworks, the young typeface designer expressed that his font would serve as his contribution to Philippine art while promoting the national artist’s masterpieces.

“Hopefully, by fusing their works and my design field, type design, makatulong ako design community,” shared John Misael Villanueva.

Villanueva also shared that he is working to add symbols and numbers to the newly-created Arturo Luz font.

National artist Arturo Luz
Arturo Typeface is inspired by the Black Forms On White Space by Arturo Luz. Credits to Christie’s.

Filipino-made fonts have been surfacing the internet lately adding to the rich and diverse art of the Philippines.

Philippine Jeepney signboard-inspired fonts were created by Aaron Amar and used by designer Daniel Esguerra to create mock energy drink cans that pay tribute to the iconic Pinoy transport’s hard-working drivers.

The Department of Tourism refreshed their “More Fun” campaign together with a new font called Barabara which was patterned after the hand-painted jeepney and street signs all over the Philippines.

Ayala Museum and J. Walter Thompson also created a Filipino Muslim font Imao Obra Typeface inspired from the works of national artist Abdulmari Asia Imao of Sulu.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines introduced a new font Baybayan, combining words of Baybay (to spell) and Bayan (nation), and used it in their official communication as part of their 50th-anniversary celebration.

Recently, Google Philippines announced the adding of pre-colonial scripts such as Baybayin, Hanuno, Buhid, and Tagbanwa on the Gboard virtual keyboard as part of its initiative to save the country’s old forms of writing.

DOWNLOAD the Arturo Typeface for free through this link and SEND cheers to John Misael Villanueva for honoring National Artist Arturo Luz!

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