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LOOK: Pinoy Jeepney signboard-inspired designer energy drink cans

Jeepney signboard energy drink
Daniel Barretto Esguerra pays tribute to the jeepney, the “King of Philippine Roads”, with his Pasada Energy Drinks. Credits to Designs By Daniel.

The iconic Pinoy jeepney’s colorful signboards have inspired design fonts and mock soda cans for the “King of the Philippine roads”.

A Filipino designer based in Laguna province used the Cubao FREE and Quiapo FREE fonts to put together designs for PASADA Energy Drinks as a tribute to the drivers of jeepneys that continue to attract foreign tourists with its uniquely Pinoy features.

The mock energy drink cans were created by Designs by Daniel’s (D.B.D.) Daniel Barretto Esguerra who posted the images on his Instagram.

The colorful tin cans look like jeepney signboards of the iconic Philippine jeepneys originally created in the post-war Philippines as the Sarao Jeepney, a cultural icon still plying the streets despite the influx of modern transportation.

Esguerra revealed to Good News Pilipinas how he created the PASADA cans after he found the fonts online created by Aaron Amar who posted on Behance (an artists page for artworks).

“I stumbled upon it one day and thought maybe I can make something with these fonts. And since it was jeepney inspired and jeepney drivers usually drink energy drinks, I got an idea of mixing the 2 concepts into one,” shared Esguerra.

“Their signboard usually tells you where they are going so I made it look like an actual one but in a form of a can,” adds the DBD designer.

The colorful mock energy drinks cans fuse Aaron Amar’s fonts with the design-savvy of Designs by Daniel. Credits to D.B.D.

The jeepney signboard-inspired cans are the freelance designer’s way of honoring the drivers of the jeepneys he rode in high school in his hometown Calamba, Laguna.

“The idea behind it was making our hardworking jeepney drivers take pride and joy and make them feel more special when they drink these. I know how hard and tiring it is to go back and forth every day. And this Pasada Rush will give them the energy they need and giving them the recognition they deserve,” said Esguerra.

Asked if he sees these energy drinks actually being manufactured for real, Esguerra expressed his hopes that the jeepney drinks would be added to the energy drinks already in the market for hard-working laborers.

“Why not give our jeepney drivers some recognition and credit? They have been here for us and will always be here for us. It’s part of our culture. It’s part of our lives. Most if not all Filipinos have taken the jeepney to get where they need to be. So YES I hope someone from a beverage company makes this possible and affordable,” said the Filipino designer.

Daniel Esguerra is currently in the United States for a short stay while studying more about global designs. The entrepreneur’s university studies at Colegio de San Juan de Letran were not design-related so he learned graphic design on his own. “It’s just that I was always fascinated with how a brand or a label works and that was what steered me towards learning graphic design on my own,” shared Esguerra.

Daniel Barretto Esguerra’s designs are found on his Designs by Daniel on Instagram and Facebook and at the It’s A Match design shop at SM Calamba, a business he conceptualized with his mother Chiqui with a mission that he says “promotes the beauty and wonderful feeling of love and being loved.”

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